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Realtor Holiday Postcards Start the Year Right

Being a realtor is all about building relationships and being personable to everyone you meet. Kick off your next holiday by taking personable to the next level and increasing your referral business at the same time.

Realtors Photo Postcard Advertising For Holidays Increases Referrals

A beautifully printed Christmas photo postcard advertisement will not only bring cheer to the recipient but will act as a very subtle marketing tool for your services. The holiday season is a great time to send out a warm and attractive realtor postcard with a friendly and cheerful greeting. The high quality Christmas photo postcard designs that are offered are warm and friendly, as well as creative and unique.

5 Top Marketing Tools to Include in a Private Lending Credibility Kit

A private lending credibility kit almost seems like a well known tool that every real estate investor uses to secure funding from a private lender. In reality, the private lending credibility kit is actually a little known tool and if it is organized and marketed properly, it can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to funding your real estate deals.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Create Your 2009 Success Blueprint

Start off the New Year with a real strategy. Here are some tips to help you create your best year ever.

Systems Drive Real Estate Sales

What makes a successful real estate agent? The top agents treat the whole process of selling real estate as a numbers game. They have developed systems or formulas that work and applied them to all transactions to achieve predictable and consistent results. Improved efficiencies and greater throughput then lead to more sales and greater revenue.

10 Steps to Get the Most From Your Real Estate Database

Real estate databases can be an emotive subject. Most people hate them. Some are passionate about them. Very few people use them effectively. The following tips provide ten basic steps to get the most from your database.

Real Estate Letters – Who’s Your Targeted Audience?

If you want to make a change for the better consider this – mailing letters is one of the easiest ways to increase your business; to get more leads and make more sales. Still, some real estate agents don’t write or mail enough of them – leaving the business and money to be made from it for others to scoop up.

How to Use Real Estate Fliers to Generate Quality Seller Leads

As you know,  your typical marketing will produce a .5% to 1% response rate.  So with anything new that you try, you should be ecstatic if you get anything more than .

The Future of Marketing Homes For Sale

The Real Estate landscape is changing but the way homes are being marketed online is not. Video is revolutionizing the internet. Are you on board, or getting left behind?

Why Not Try Video?

Why choose video? Why is video better than still photographs? How does video make you stand out?

Videos For Real Estate

Why should you use videos to market real estate? Why is it time to switch to video?

7 Criteria to Make Massive Profits From Absentee Owners!

Listen; before you read any further go grab a pen and pad of paper, because this is going to be one of the most valuable articles you’ve ever read. You’re going to learn how to dominate your local niche of absentee owners and easily make six figures a year from this group. Now, I’m sure that you know there are several niches you can target such as absentee owners, free and clear, bankruptcy and probates.

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