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Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Break New Ground – Don’t Be a Copycat

The best way to take advantage of the new opportunities in social media, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, is to identify an uncontested market niche where you can run circles around your competition and even make your competition irrelevant. The sure way to fail, or get mediocre results at best, is to become a copy cat.

Want a Cash Machine For Your Real Estate Business – Build a Buyers List

If you ask most real estate professionals what their number one business asset is you’ll get a variety of answers. Some answers may include their office, their listings, their agents or sub-agents, their marketing materials etc. All of these are good answers but in this humble real estate entrepreneurs opinion they would all be WRONG! It is my strong belief that an active buyers list is by the most valuable asset to have for your real estate business (when you think about it this probably holds true for any business). In fact I believe a buyers list is the closest thing to a money machine as there is in the game of real estate.

Safety As a Marketing Tool in Real Estate

In today’s market it can be very difficult. That’s why having any little trick up your sleeve will help in moving a house on the market. One overlooked marketing aspect in real estate is safety. Modifications made to a house with safety in mind are a great asset to any property.

The Best Marketing Tool For Realtors

With real estate prices hitting all time lows the only way to maintain your income is to sell more properties. What used to be a relatively easy job for most realtors is now a lot more difficult in the current economic environment.

The ROI-Driven Realtor Marketing Plan

Today’s real estate professional needs to come up with a realtor marketing plan so that they know there marketing dollars are being spent wisely. It no longer makes financial sense to advertise in every local paper and phone book or school program just because you have done it in the past.

Essential Marketing Ideas For Realtors

It is not your father’s real estate business any more. Gone are the days of being able to qualify any warm body for a mortgage and getting whatever price you needed to for your selling clients.

4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Marketing Program Isn’t Working

A proper real estate marketing program needs to be carefully thought out in order to compete effectively in this crowded marketplace. Haphazardly throwing ideas against the wall to see what works and what doesn’t will result in failure for you. Similarly, relying on tired ideas that succeeded in an overheated market where just about anything you tried worked is also a recipe for disaster. Too often, we see property owners or agents making classic mistakes that kill their marketing efforts. Let’s analyze four of these mistakes so you can avoid them and begin to see better results in your real estate marketing.

The Three Qualities of a Referral Mindset

See how referral marketing can help your real estate business. Follow these steps to develop the right mindset and generate more real estate leads through referrals.

Become a Realtor With Real Estate Training

Do you wish to have a successful career in the real estate sector? Do you want to update your knowledge in order to become a better realtor? Then real estate training is what you need.

Back to the Basics (Real Estate)

Are we as Real Estate Agents mislead? When comparing “Social Media” vs. “Getting Back to the Basics,” who wins?

Overcoming One Challenge in the Real Estate Industry – Market Turbulence

Due to the economic problems that the rest of the world has experienced in the past couple of years, the real estate market has become as volatile as ever. The real estate prices have been fluctuating wildly on a monthly basis, and the turbulence in the market is deeply felt in some of the most hard-hit areas.

Estate Agents Websites – SEO and Its Impact on Estate and Letting Agents Survival

Estate Agents Websites are now more important in marketing property than ever before. There was a time when a homebuyer’s first search would be in the local paper property pages, followed by a trip into the Estate Agent to pick up the details, before ringing up to organize a viewing.

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