A Hidden Market Danger | Watch for This.

The Easiest Real Estate Niche Ever?

Land Vlogging. Video Blogging about Land Listings. Shooting vids of land in your area in order to become “that guy (or gal) who videos the land.” Arranging your library of land vids in such a way that it captivates and convinces viewers of your video gallery to subscribe to receive more of the same by email.

Distressed Homeowners With Equity Need Good Agents

Because so many homeowners are underwater, it’s easy to assume that all distressed homeowners are in the same boat. They’re not – and distressed homeowners with equity need a different kind of real estate help.

Tips For Using Handwritten Corrugated Signs

I decided to try something new this week to market a wholesale property; handwritten corrugated signs. I really am not a big fan of these signs, because I hate putting them out. Recently I have heard of other real estate investors using these handwritten signs, and I decided to give it a try. I have to tell you, I consider this experiment a success…

Why Every Realtor Should Have a Website

If you are a realtor and you are still trying to get clients by putting fliers in mailboxes, listing your business in the Yellow Pages, and holding open houses, your competitors may be leaving you in the dust. They could also be saving more time than you by using their websites to answer clients’ questions ahead of time. More importantly, they are likely to be grabbing a larger share of the client base.

HOPA Girl – Organic Marketing Plan

This article focuses on the outside of the box marketing strategies used by the recent explosion HOPA Girl and her organic marketing plan. We all need some insight on standing out in this ever competitive world, which is done by being creative, using social media, and most importantly being unique.

Listing Titles – How to Get People Clicking

How do you title your listings? Do you try to squeeze in as much detail as possible, or do you aim to appeal to home hunters with more expressive language?

What is 800 Call Capture?

800 call capture is a technology used in the real estate and mortgage industries, and is often hailed as an excellent way to both generate sales leads and streamline the selling process. Unfortunately, many agents and brokers are not fully versed in the way the technology works, and as a result shy away from it for use in their business. While 800 call capture systems are not right for every business or every agent, it is worth knowing how they function before making the choice to use or discard them.

Build a Great Real Estate Website With a WordPress Premium Theme

Building a real estate website with a WordPress premium theme is something that every real estate professional should consider two great reasons. 1) You get a great looking website for your business that is extremely easy to customize and that offers you tens of thousands of free add-ons ( plugins, in the parlance of WordPress) that enable you to extend your website’s functionality…

Why Estate Agents Shouldn’t Rely Solely on Property Portals

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against property portals in any way. In fact several of my clients have had some huge success with them. But they are only one piece of a very big pie.

How to Pull Out of a Real Estate Agreement

At times, you will need to pull out of a real estate agreement. This article tells you how to pull out should you need to.

Real Estate Investor Marketing – Finding the Good Plan

Are you in tune with your competition? Knowing what’s working for your competition, could greatly move you to the front.

Short-Sale Leads

For those Realtors and mortgage professionals left in the industry, no doubt you are now working with a good percentage of short sales. These elusive deals can be a dream come true or a nightmare depending on many factors. Hopefully the smallest issue you have to contend with is where to find your short sale leads.

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