A Warning to Stock Investors.

Converting Leads Into Buyers

Easy to follow methods for real estate investors to acquire leads and turn those leads into buyers. This leads to easy sales and a database of clients.

Tips in Knowing Your Competitors

Competitive Real Estate Agents will always chase the business. They will also present you with problems as you pitch for new business. Know your competitors and track their listings. It will help you win the deals.

House Portraits – The Perfect Closing Gift!

House Portraits are a unique way that Realtors can express their appreciation to their clients at closing. No closing gift could be more meaningful than a work of art that is of the very house that you are closing on!

QR Code for Real Estate

You could not know but since ever, I’ve often been quick to check new advertising ideas as they come out. And since I own codytech.com, it’s often been a method to put those ideas on the internet.

What Are The Different Types Of Mortgages?

A mortgage is a kind of loan or credit. This loan is specifically taken or given against a property or any kind of real estate resources. This loan is required to be paid over a specify period of time. There are many different types of mortgages available in the financial market.

Tips On How To Prepare Your House For a Property Magazine

Most sellers want their home to be sold immediately with high rates of market value. Well, this is not a miracle as it will possibly happen if you will carefully plan for it and if you know how to professionally design your home that will glamorously be presented in the property magazine.

Marketing Countrywide Property For Sale Effectively

Are you selling your property as an FSBO? If yes, you are probably encountering the difficulties in marketing. Does your property market effectively? Usually, most home sellers deal with real estate agents in order to ensure that they will market their properties effectively

House Drawings – A Work Of Art

House drawings are a work of art. For Centuries artists and architects have done house drawings to show people what the home will look like when it is done.

Real Estate Websites – The Benefits Home Buyers and Sellers Can Get

Before, prospective home buyers and sellers had to go visit personally an agent or a realtor to offer details about the properties they are selling or to seek information for some properties to purchase. In today’s digital age, much things have changed.

Real Estate Marketing: Send Just Listed and Just Sold Cards

Market your services, showcase your listings, and build relationships when you let the neighbors know about your listings. Just listed and just sold cards help you become THE agent for the neighborhood.

The Oil Spill and the Housing Economic Impact to the Region

By now, anyone who hasn’t been paying much attention to the national news will find this article a bit over their heads. Of course, it is assumed that in fact anyone and everyone who is involved in the real estate market at some level, be it mortgage brokers to agents or anyone in between, knows about what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico and the cleanup efforts that have led to many financial burdens for the people of the Gulf Coast region.

When It Comes to Real Estate Lingo Few of Us Are Native Speakers

Real estate terms often confuse buyers and sellers who are not native speakers of complicated business-speak. Make sure you understand what is being said before you do anything.

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