Afghanistan and the Market.

Marketing Homes to First Time Buyers – Show Them What’s Important

When marketing homes to first time buyers, shift their attention to what’s most important. Prices in some markets may still decline, but only short-term investors need to be concerned.

Marketing Real Estate – Virtual Home Tours

Many possibilities exist for placing your virtual tours online. Some require video files like Flash, AVI or MPEG while others require a link. To make this entire process simple draw a flow chart starting with your home listing. Next add primary marketing targets such as the MLS, open houses, advertising, website listings, Facebook, Twitter or other social sites, referral online sites…

How Do I Market My Real Estate Business on the Internet For Maximum Growth?

Marketing your real estate business on the internet for maximum growth might seem like a difficult challenge to some of you who are use to the traditional methods, but it can become the most interesting and rewarding part of your career if done right. The real estate industry is struggling right now, but many people in that industry are still making a fortune because they have learned to embrace the new way of thinking. So are you ready to take up the challenge?

Using Fire Pits to Enhance the Value of a Home in the Real Estate Market

When marketing a home you want to differentiate the property. One way is to highlight unique features like a fire pit.

How to Get Your Farm to Call You Monthly to List Their Home

Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who wants to sell a home. So why do these sellers have a hard time getting to you? Here is where you come in. Just like a good infomercial, the goal of your “farming” is to entice the seller to “sell now” and call you at (800)… to do it.

Why 98% of All Real Estate Websites Don’t Produce Any Leads

A real estate website is created for the purpose of generating leads, yet most real estate websites fail miserably at doing so. In this article, I’m going to discuss why 99% of real estate websites are complete jokes.

Why You Should Never Buy Short Sale Leads

If you’re buying short sale leads, chances are that you’re either: 1. A Realtor seeking to generate real estate leads to build a real estate brokerage business. 2. A real estate investor seeking to generate real estate leads to build a real estate investing business.

Real Estate Web 2.0

Learn the basics of free internet marketing from a guy who’s made all the mistakes… And learned from them. This will show you what you need to be up and running to get first page search engine rankings free!

‘Talking Head’ Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos are getting easier and easier to produce… and cheaper and cheaper to create. Most people are familiar with the virtual tour type of real estate video where you can see a 360 tour of the property.

Your Website Must Capture Attention Before You Can Capture the Lead

If you practice luxury real estate marketing in a vacation destination marketplace you know that high net worth travelers can become buyers overnight. Get the idea that a couple arrives in your town from a neighboring state that is ready, willing and able to purchase a luxury home. They would like the assistance of a competent real estate professional who really knows the local marketplace, but they do not know one in particular. How do they select one? How do you they find YOU?

Understanding Human Needs

Getting an effective strategy is a good beginning for villa for rent in Cannes. This usually leads to the big idea. An idea is the central theme that establishes the unique connection, which we discusses in many property related matters. Once we get the ideas, it is then followed by creative execution.

Internet Marketing Only

I wanted to explain a little bit about my business model and how I do my business. There are a lot of Realtors in our industry that do things a little differently and I think I’m one of them.

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