An Urgent Message to Stock Market Investors

Why Is Selling My House So Difficult? Hints and Tips to Help You Sell Well

Performing a few simple changes on your home before selling it can make a huge difference between a selling your property hassle free and a disappointment. Here are a few tips to remember if you want to ensure a quick home sale. Finish all your do-it-yourself fixes before putting your house or flat up for sale.

Social Media Marketing Begins With a Buzz

As you think about using SMM in your marketing mix, keep in mind that social media engagement is a dialogue, a two-way conversation, and active participation in the community is required. This calls for ongoing monitoring as well as dedicated resources for care and feeding.

Real Estate Wholesaler Marketing – The Four Key Areas of Marketing For Successful Wholesalers

To be successfully as a real estate wholesaler the most important thing you can focus on each day (second only to reviewing your wholesaling goals) is marketing. With its importance being so high, marketing is the second thing to be done on our “Wholesaler Daily Checklist” and should be done before working seller files, working with buyers and build your dream team and definitely before taking care of your business management tasks. Marketing for your wholesaling business can be grouped into four major areas of focus: marketing to buy, marketing to sell, marketing to hire and verifying your marketing…

Generate Short Sale Leads On Your Own and Start Taking More Listings Today

Create your own short sale marketing system that will generate you leads daily. Stop wasting money on lists until you have the approach that will transform that list into eager short sale leads.

3 Short Sale Website Tips To Generate Leads From Eager Prospects

Discover 3 tips to put into action for your short sale website. From traffic strategies to automatic follow-up you can have a short sale website that generates leads daily and closed transactions monthly.

Mobile Marketing Techniques For Realtors

With the new developments of mobile marketing, mortgage and real estate professionals must be reaping the benefits. Text message advertising offers real estate agents, property managers and mortgage brokers unparalleled and immediate access to vital customers since the cell phone has become the most desired technology. Traditional marketing methods such as email, print or direct mail are fast becoming tools of yesteryear.

How To Find Motivated Sellers

No matter what day it is or the time of the year, people are always going to want to sell their homes. Your job as a real estate investor is to find them. Here are the ways to find motivated sellers in your area.

Real Estate Branding – To Brand or Not to Brand in Social Media

One of the main ways where you can brand yourself online is through social media. Branding is also great if you are looking for ways on how you can drive massive traffic to your real estate website, page or blog.

4 Short Sale Marketing Postcard Methods That Have Prospects Rushing To You For Help

When you send out your short sale postcards what is your response rate? Do you feel like your postcards just end up in the trash can? Discover 4 key marketing methods to apply to your postcards the next time you are marketing for short sale prospects.

New Release: Easy-Install Real Estate Sign Stake

Do you really want to spend your day dealing with cumbersome signs? No way. As a real estate agent, you have much more important things to worry about. But your signs are important. They are your first line of advertising for that house or apartment you’ve listed. “But can my real estate signs be effective without being cumbersome and hard to install?” YES!

Did You Know There Are Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots for $45,000?!

When we think of beachfront property – even lots – we imagine one of two things; either very highly priced land in tourist areas, beyond the reach of the average budget, or a lot out in the middle of nowhere. There is good news for the average American buyer, however; cheap Mexico beachfront lots are available for very accessible prices, with very convenient access to modern services for a comfortable lifestyle. First of all, you’ll want to know what “cheap” is; we’ve all been in the situation where someone presents us with “affordable” real estate…

3 Tips To Getting More Leads From Your Short Sale Letters

Are you short sale letters bringing you calls daily? Are eager sellers rushing to the phone to call you for help to list their home? Discover 3 methods to getting short sale prospects eager to call you for more help today.

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