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Social Media and the Real Estate Industry – Make It Work for You

The real estate industry is all about connections, referrals, and networking. Yes, traditional advertising like billboards and print ads still work, and are still worth their high-end investment price tag. But savvy agents know the future is social media and leverage the power of those tools to generate leads, create brand recognition and begin an ongoing conversation.

3 Short Sale Letter Secrets That Get Your Phone Ringing With Eager Prospects

Discover 3 letter secrets that will have you generating more short sale leads daily. From the type of envelope to using what most consider “wasted” space you will beat your competition by putting these 3 methods into action.

Short Sale Marketing With Letters, Facebook and Your Website

Discover a balanced approach to your short sale marketing. By incorporating an arsenal of letters, a presence on Facebook, and even a short sale specific website you will be on your way to generating leads and listings.

Networking to Generate Leads and Business: 5 Mistakes Agents Make

Networking, or getting out in the community and “pressing the flesh,” meeting and interacting with people in your area, is a marketing activity that is too often neglected by real estate agents. As we consult with agents on their marketing efforts, we make sure they are including this activity in their marketing mix. Too often, agents do not realize the power of face to face networking.

3 Changes To Make To Your Short Sale Letters When You Want More Calls

3 changes that you can put into action with your short sale letters today. As you are testing your marketing, consider these three items to improve response rate and generate more leads.

Should You Reduce Your Real Estate Commission to Get a Listing?

In a tough real estate market, when too many agents are competing for the same listings, some reduce their commissions just to get the listing. Here’s why I think that’s a poor idea.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Do You Need to Be Lucky to Succeed?

Do you think you need luck to succeed? Think again! Vision and belief in yourself is more effective.

3 Items to Have On Your Short Sale Website to Generate Leads and Listings

Discover 3 items to have as part of your short sale website that will help you to generate leads and listings. These simple methods can help improve your conversion rate and ensure your website is a strong part of your marketing.

6 Steps to Creating Your Own Short Sale Letter In Minutes

Discover 6 steps to developing your own short sale letter that will generate leads daily and closings monthly. You will discover simple methods that you can put into action today.

Short Sale Marketing System That Will Bring You Leads Daily

Discover a comprehensive short sale marketing system that you can create yourself. 4 elements to a short sale system that will have you generating leads daily and closings monthly.

Short Sale Marketing, A Website Approach to Bring Fresh Leads Daily

Discover 4 elements to have with your short sale website that will have you generating more leads daily. With these 4 items in place you will be able to reach new prospects and sign new listings.

Real Estate Listing and Negotiation – What Stories Can You Tell?

Your real estate listing processes and negotiation skills will be improved if you can tell some stories of relevance. All sellers, landlords, tenants, and buyers, want to hear about the experiences of others with the same property challenges. The stories you tell of the market and the successes will help your prospects and conversions. This checklist can be used in the listing process.

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