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Real Estate Marketing – Automatically Generate Leads With a State of the Art Email Marketing System

Are you one of the 10% of Realtors who take full advantage of the automated marketing capabilities of the internet? Or are you among the 90% who don’t? If you want to succeed and close more deals then you have to learn about the new approaches to automated follow-up marketing. Closing sales and making high commissions is not about the initial approach – it’s about the persistent follow-up that never lets a lead out of your site. In this article I’ll show you how to automate your follow-up marketing system to save time, reduce costs and give you higher commissions than ever before.

Realtor Internet Marketing Plan – Part 2 – Search Engine Keywords & Real Estate Marketing Online

The #1 task for all top internet marketers is to research and identify the right search engine keywords for their niche markets. Keywords are search terms typed into the Google search box. If the keywords being used in Google match up with the words on your website pages, then Google is much more likely to send them your way. This is called “search engine optimizing” and it’s one of the pillars of internet marketing in the New Millennium. You want to learn about this and how to do. The word “Realtor” or some variant is searched for 3,000,000 times per day just in the United States.

Realtor Internet Marketing Plan – Part 10 – Get With it on Twitter For Automatic Online Leads

Do you already know about Twitter? Do you already use it? Some people love it and some people don’t, but regardless of your opinion, it is absolutely a great way to meet people and generate free leads on the internet. But the best thing about Twitter is that if you use it right it can be a way to stay in touch with all of your customers and prospects in a way they will enjoy.

Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 9 – Meet Your Future Customers on Public Internet Forums

You’ve learned by now that for effective real estate marketing on the internet, a blog is a great way to reach more people and get you more targeted leads within your niche. In the online world there’s another vehicle just as effective in building relationships with your new customers. These are called Internet Forums, and you may already be participating in some of them.

Realtors – Learn the Secrets of Effortless Internet Real Estate Lead Generation So Buyers Call You

Successful Realtors work very hard to generate leads and develop great relationships. They get referrals and repeat business. For this reason I am always surprised that very few Realtors are using internet to marketing its fullest extent to help their businesses. Used correctly the internet can work for you 24/7 day in and day out, generating leads. These are free leads.

Realtor Internet Marketing Work Plan – Part 1 – Know Your Targeted Marketing Niche

Top producers who are waiting for the spring home-buying rush are busy getting ready now. Winter is when you do work that waits when the weather is warm. Now is the time to finalize your internet marketing strategy and create your online marketing plan.

Real Estate Online Marketing Plan – Part 6 – How to Use a Free Follow-Up System to Get More Leads

With email addresses captured from website visitors you can put in an automatic email follow-up system. The majority of website visitors who give you emails and become part of this follow-up system will eventually become your customers. This is a marketer’s dream come true.

Top Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 12 – Get a Buzz on With Free Online Publicity and PR

Usually we’re forced to choose between different marketing methods because of cost. You can’t afford to advertise in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Yellow Pages, and the internet too, right?

Realtor Internet Marketing Work Plan – Part 4 – Build External Links For Great SEO and Free Leads

Your goal with a website is to get as many targeted visitors as possible. This means you want more than anything to attract the most free “organic” search engine traffic to your homepage and other website pages. Do it right and you can be first among a million competing Realtors and you can attract more free leads than you can even handle.

Top Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 11 – Become a Movie Star on Your Own YouTube Channel

Breaking News: Alert the Media! People would rather watch movies than read. Yes this is the shocking news behind the success of YouTube (and it’s many spinoffs).

Top Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 5 – Capture the Email of Every Visitor

Regardless of what city you are in, it takes a lot of work to be the first Realtor listed on a Google search page. It can take a lot of money and time also. So it better be worth it. If you convert website visitors to solid leads and customers it is worth it. But if the visitors come and leave right away it’s not worth it. This is why it’s tragic that so many websites expend so much time, effort and money to be listed very high in search engines then completely blow it once the searcher visits their websites.

Top Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 7 – Place Some Highly Targeted Ads For Automatic Leads

Many successful internet marketers have discovered they can get leads and make sales without EVER spending a dollar on paid advertising. This is a very seductive thought. Why spend money when you don’t have to? Save your money for something more important. Like a highly-targeted ad where you pay ONLY for those who click on it.

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