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Real Estate Marketing Tip – An Email Signature Isn’t Just a Name – It’s Smart Marketing!

Don’t just use an email signature, DESIGN it with a specific purpose in mind: to build your prospect list.

Real Estate Marketing for Professionals

When marketing a home, most Realtor’s do the 3 P’s, Put it in the MLS, Put up a sign & pray. You do not need to re-invent the wheel, just be 5% better than most Realtors..

Internet Marketing Not Optional For Home Sellers In 2006

It wasn’t too long ago that all a real estate agent or for-sale-by-owner had to do to let the world know that they were interested in selling their home was to place a sign in the front yard and run a classified ad in the local paper. In 2006 it is a totally different world in residential real estate marketing. If you’re trolling for buyers you better be in their path, which is the Internet. According to The National Association of Realtors(R) over seventy-percent of homebuyers start their search on the Internet before contacting a real estate agent.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies- 5 Tips to Use Your Sphere of Influence to Double Your Income

Most people are afraid to really market to their sphere of influence. They have many beliefs that stop them, they lack a plan and they are not fully aware of the importance of contacting their sphere of influence. This article addresses these issues and gives support to anyone wanting to learn how to use their sphere of influence for doubling their income…

Tucson Real Estate Property Listing – A Tool for Buyers and Sellers

The Tucson real estate property listing service is a valuable resource to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in the Tucson area. The listing not only has information about property values, but also about the specs and the size. The Tucson real estate property listing service is also known as MLS and can be accessed by a realtor. You can pay to have your home listed on MLS without the assistance of a realtor, but with a realtor you will be better able to utilize the tools on the Tucson real estate property listing service.

Real Estate Marketing – Getting Focused

Learn how to write your real estate marketing business plan in 5 minutes or less to help bring in more motivated sellers than you can handle for pennies a day. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can find more than enough real estate deals for literally pennies a day.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How to Make Sure You Get the Money You’ve Earned

In the past 10 years of coaching real estate agents to market themselves, I’ve noticed a simple mistake that can cost you thousands. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Imagine you’re working with a prospective buyer? What is the first thing you make sure to do? This article reveals the secret steps that can make sure you get what you’ve earned.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Using the Law of Attraction to Create Your Ideal Income in 2008

Did you know that your thoughts and intentions play a big part in your success in 2008? Not only that, but what you choose to focus on determines what you’ll attract. This article describes the Law of Attraction and why it’s so important to master this Law. By learning how to implement the Law of Attraction, you’ll be able to create your Ideal Income in 2008.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies -7 Ways To Overcome The Myth That You Have To Be “Pushy” To Succeed

Haven’t we all been told that the ones who succeed are aggressive and pushy? Isn’t this why so many people are scared of marketing themselves? This article describes how you can be effective at marketing without being “pushy”.

For Sale By Owner Marketing Generates Mortgage Leads

One of the best ways to generate mortgage leads is through working with home sellers who are going it alone as For Sale By Owner or FSBO.

Real Estate And Marketing; Part 1

The two major aspects of real estate and marketing? Acquiring new customers and the continued marketing of old ones.

Gray Power: Marketing to Canada’s Aging Population

The baby-boomers won’t let go …

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