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Building Your Real Estate Business – Follow Up Materials – Combine Print With Email Marketing

In addition to email marketing, print marketing can also be effective when looking to boost your conversion rates. But, when combined, your conversion rates will go through the roof. So, how do you get started, and what follow up materials should you leverage?

Develop and Cultivate Your Leads to Build Your Real Estate Business

Postcard marketing is just one component of an effective real estate marketing campaign. The best in the business leverage a variety of techniques to create their lead list. And, any business owner understands the true power behind a lead list.

Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home Sold

Due to the high inventory of homes for sale in the San Fernando Valley areas of Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley homeowners need creative marketing strategies to set their homes apart from all the rest. Sellers are competing with other comparable homes for sale in their neighborhoods as well as short pay, foreclosures and bank owned properties.

Importance of Expert Property Marketing

The question is why some homes are sold and others don’t get any attention. The answer is not what the real estate agents assert, that the home itself is not in a good condition to be sold so easily. The true reason is poor marketing efforts.

The Basics of Direct Mail For Selling Houses – Part 2

There is no doubt that direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise your home wholesaling business. There are pitfalls, however, associated with direct mail, so you have to watch where your money goes before you sign on the dotted line. Remember, the whole point of wholesaling homes is to make as much money as possible on every sale without spending all of that profit moving the home on to another buyer. Here are a few essential direct marketing tips to help keep your profits high and stress low.

Real Estate Marketing Videos – Vital For Today’s Economy

Do you ever wish you could magically transport homebuyers into your listed properties with just a flip of a switch, a push of a button, or a click of a mouse? This is exactly what real estate marketing videos can do.

10 Ways to Use the Internet to Get Bookings For Your Spanish Holiday Property

Want to use the power of the internet to increase your holiday rentals business but are not sure how? Read my simple, 10 step beginners’ guide to getting ahead online. Most of the ideas are applicable to online renting in other popular holiday countries but I have tried to slant my article to Spain with specific tips for the Spanish market and the internet references are mostly specific to Spain. These tips are easy to implement and come from years of practical experience during which I have increased my bookings every year.

Real Estate Video Marketing Techniques You Can Use Now to Make Money

Marketing homes for the home buyer and home seller is a very competitive market. In this day and age real estate professionals have to go the extra mile not only to market homes, but to market themselves as well. In today’s economy, it is becoming even harder to push properties, as fewer people are in the market for buying homes. To increase sales to your business, it will be advantageous to look into real estate video marketing to capture new potential buyers…

How 800 Call Capture Systems Answered My “Who Else Wants More Income?” Question

I recently entered the world of 800 call capture systems to supplement my marketing effort as a Realtor. A call capture system may seem a little strange at first, but it has quickly become an integral part of all my marketing considerations.

Real Estate Investing – How to Track Your Marketing Response Through a Voice Mail System

One of the real advantages of a voice mail system is you have all these boxes, so every one of your different marketing pieces should have a different box number so it can be tracked precisely each and every month. That way you’ll know, and you can learn, which of your marketing systems are working and which aren’t.

Real Estate Investing – How to Use Voice Mail Systems to Improve Your Marketing Response Rate

Before setting up voice mail systems you have to choose one that will suit the needs of your business. I use a company called Freedom Voice Systems. I think there are probably 8 or 10 different programs out there that are somewhat similar. A typical voice mail system will have a couple different price points depending on your needs.

Discover Top Secret Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Never Knew

Attracting homebuyers and home sellers to look and buy your properties, and to list their homes for sale with you is becoming harder and harder. The real estate industry is very competitive and it is becoming harder for agents to compete and stand out above the rest.

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