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Using Market Trends to Build Credibility and Trust

We Agents need to understand the current and emerging market trends. We need to understand the economic influences of our region and how that will influence the market place in the future.

Real Estate Leads – Free and Automatic

Generating leads is a big part of being a real estate agent — when business just magically lands in your lap it’s nice, but waiting for that to happen is a guaranteed way to the poorhouse. The most common way of lead generation for real estate is through the “For Sale” magazines found in every community.

Using Real Estate Call Capture For Ad Tracking

In the past, it used to be difficult to track the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The result of imprecise numbers and lack of data also made it increasingly difficult to plan, strategize and execute advertising campaigns without knowing exactly what real estate agents were receiving in return. Without knowing dollar per dollar the return on investment, real estate agents could not alter or predict future sales growth and how it correlated to the effectiveness of their ads. This all changes with call capture.

Top 7 Business Practices For Notaries

In order to effectively maintain your current client list while also working to expand it and keep your business thriving, it is imperative you adhere to some primary principals to keep you focused, on track and constantly moving at full steam. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Cheap Ways of Sending Your Message Across

Marketing is fundamental to buying real estate. There are many tools that you can employ for spreading the message across that you buy local real estate. While most professionals will tell you that marketing is an investment and not an expense, marketing spends do eventually reflect on your bottom line. If a marketing tool does not work, it is money down the drain.

Marketing Your Home Listings Through MLS – How to Make Your Phone Ring

Most buyers begin a home search on line – and many are directed to the local MLS via agent websites. What do they see when they reach your listings? Dry facts, or exciting copy that makes them reach for the phone to make an appointment? Here’s how to make your own phone ring.

Can You Succeed With Nouveau Riche?

Real estate investing was a flourishing industry for many years. Ever since the economic turmoil, and the mortgage industry not looking up to par, millions are on the verge of loosing their homes. It means things for different people.

Text Messaging to Sell Homes

Success in the real estate business, especially residential, is all about attracting buyers and sellers in unique ways. Introducing a text based lead generation system for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike is a great way to engage your clients through a new use of common technology.

Using Real Estate Call Capture to Establish Relationships and Generate Leads

With the recent fallout from adjustable rate mortgages, sub-prime loans and high foreclosure rates, the real estate sector is facing a regrouping period. Now more than ever, those in the real estate business know that creating a solid, trust-based relationship with clients is critical.

Real Estate Toolbar – Making Your Real Estate Business Known

Have you already heard the latest and powerful real estate toolbar used by most successful real estate investors today? If not yet, you are simply missing the many benefits it offers. This latest tool is the Web 2.0 Toolbar.

Go Green on Facebook

Introduce the greatest innovation in the sale of Real Estate since the invention of the real estate sign post. You can now Go Green and buy or sell your Home on line with Facebook!

Real Estate Marketing – Do You Sell Houses, Or Help People Purchase Homes?

There’s a big difference between selling houses and helping people purchase homes. One is self serving, and the is giving customer service. If you help people purchase homes, make sure your web copy and other marketing materials convey your value to the marketplace.

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