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Real Estate Agents and Twitter

Twitter is the newest form of communication and has become a very hot electronic commodity. Many different people use Twitter to share information or just to stay connected. Real Estate agents would definitely benefit from using a network like Twitter.

Apartment Owners and Property Managers Do Not Capitalize on Signage

Hotels use signage. Fast food uses signage. Retail uses signage.

How to Locate Motivated Sellers

Finding a motivated seller is critical to your success as a real estate investor. We look for houses that are “on sale” not “for sale”. To do that you should consider who you are marketing to and how are you going to reach them.

Ready to Give Up on That Prospect?

About 2 years ago I became fascinated with tracking my sales and conversion metrics. We are all aware of the fact that the truly successful sales professionals track their numbers and watch them closely. It only makes sense right?

Real Estate Marketing – Get Your Site Ranked High in the Search Engines

Internet Marketing is an entirely different animal than traditional Real Estate Marketing. But once you get a hang of it, you will see how fruitful it can be for your business. Here are some ways that you can get your site out and ranked highly in the Search Engines.

Congratulations! You Have Your Real Estate License – Now What?

Getting your real estate license is just the beginning in the start of your Real Estate career. Knowing what you need to get your business in front of buyers and sellers, and taking advantage of the tools available in today’s market can get your business off to a great start.

How You Can Generate More Listings Using a The “Your Home Sold in 39 Days” Program

What is the best program that you use to generate listings? Your Home Sold in 39 Days or We’ll Sell it for Free guaranteed. How to generate more listings by using a unique program and guarantee.

How to Prospect For Real Estate Listings by Mail

Real estate agents prospecting for new listings often send one letter and never follow up. Here’s why multiple letters are a better idea if you really want the listing.

Real Estate Appraiser Tips

Marketing your products and services on the internet is an effective way to promote your business. These days almost every developed and developing country has the knowledge of internet and computer.

The Importance of a Strong Marketing Message

Increase your business by simply developing and implementing a marking message. Watch your business grow by leaps and bounds by using a unique selling proposition.

How to Triple Your Repeat and Referral Business

Transforming your sphere of influence into “Raving Fans”. Utilizing a 33 Touch Program. Generating referral business easily through consistent follow up.

Principles of Direct Mailing For Real Estate

You have read a lot about direct mailing and how it is one of the best ways of finding motivated sellers and buying real estate. Direct mailing is in fact very effective but most new entrants in real estate industry tend to drop it after trying it once. The reason behind that is not with direct mailing but the way they go about it.

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