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Realtors – Sell Homes Faster When You Replace Empty Words in Your Homes Ads

Most real estate ads are boring, generalized, and say nothing to create desire to see the home. Replace your empty words with actual descriptions and watch your results improve.

Private Money – Using Click-to-Mail For Mailing Postcards to Find Private Money

What is Click-to-Mail? Click to Mail is one of the sites within the United States Postal website. People outsource a lot of their private lending mailings on the Internet to this Click to Mail.

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Humorous Slogans

As a luxury real estate marketing professional do you have an engaging slogan? We have mentioned in a previous post, using slogans as a personal branding marketing strategy for real estate agents is an excellent way to differentiate you from the competition. The entire purpose of using a slogan is to engage your target market and get them talking about you. A humorous slogan is one way to accomplish this. Here is a good definition of what a slogan is:

Why You Must Track Your Real Estate Marketing

When you are working on real estate marketing, you have to know what works and what does work. If you are not tracking your marketing, you will not know what is working. It is very important to track what you do. This can help you get the best return on your real estate marketing dollars. It is a simple way for you increase your traffic and revenue without having to increase your expenses.

Creating Cost Effective Virtual Tours

Learn to how to create cost effective, high quality virtual tours for any home you have listed for sale. Increase your sales and find more prospects.

Expanding the Realtor Reach – Five (Free) Building Blocks to Fast Forward Future Sales

Realtors don’t need to be reminded how competitive it is to gain new clients, nor do they need to be reminded how the recent economic turmoil affects local transaction activity. Instead, well-healed Realtors are better served focusing on the future and how they can progressively promote their skill sets to attract and retain new clients. Below are five free building blocks to expand the Realtor’s reach and gain new clients.

Private Lenders – Using Speeches and Presentations As a Powerful Way to Attract Private Lenders

I’ve done a lot of speeches and presentations to smaller senior groups in the Philadelphia community as my primary way to attract private lenders.  I would do presentations sometimes where there would only be three or four people and sometimes there would be 30. It all depends.

Private Lenders – How to Use Professional Networking Groups to Attract Private Money

Discover important tips on how to use professional networking groups to attract private money. Learn how the power of networking with different professions can generate private money leads.

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – The Right Slogan to Distinguish You From the Competition

As a luxury real estate marketing professional one very important way to distinguish you from the competition is with a great slogan. Here is an example of a luxury food brand that gave itself a face lift and a terrific slogan that turned the company around.

How to Survive the Real Estate Market During the Recession

The recession has hit almost all the markets in business. The real state market has been hit by the recession too but is still surviving the blows. One reason for this is that people are sure of getting good returns from this market. Long term investments are a gain during this time of recession. The number of people investing in the real estate market has increased.

Real Estate Meta Tags

Avoid the most common mistakes when defining your Meta Tags for your real estate website. It just takes moments on each page to properly define them and this is one real estate SEO task that can dramatically increase your traffic.

How to Create a Realtor Marketing Plan That Will Knock the Socks Off Your Competition

As a professional, you must create a quality Realtor Marketing Plan that will guide you through your business this year. If you do not plan, you will experience so many unnecessary failures in your business.

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