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3 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make When Marketing Online

Over the last several years, I have been closely studying, testing and tweaking online advertising for my real estate business. As with any new venture, it took me a very long time to identify the most effective methods to use for online classified sites such as Craigslist. Therefore, in order to save you from spending countless hours and losing thousands of dollars too, I have decided to compile a list of the three biggest mistakes I see agents making with their marketing efforts.

If You Need Buyer and And Seller Leads Then This Trick Shows You How to Capture Real Estate Leads

Are you a real estate professional that is struggling with generating real estate leads. Whether you are a real estate agent or a loan officer, I have some information for you that will show you how to capture real estate leads.

Home Price Increase

There have been signs lately that prices of homes in many areas across the nation are stabilizing and the housing market is starting to heal. In May, numbers where posted indicating that home prices hit their first monthly increase since the summer of 2006. These numbers were obtained by the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller 20-city index. The prices of homes rose from the month of April in 13 of the 20 cities tracked in the index, a few of these cities included were Boston, Cleveland and Dallas.

Effective Real Estate Internet Marketing Ideas

There are ways to stand out in the real estate market if you’re a real estate broker or licensed realtor. As you have learned, the world has quickly moved to using the internet actively to look for information, including looking for real estate advice, information and real estate services. To capture your share of the market you have to be competitive with real estate internet marketing.

Can Real Estate Internet Marketing Work For You?

To be able to survive in the real estate arena, it will be of a big benefit for you to look at creative ways to incorporate real estate internet marketing activities to drive new customers who are looking to buy and sell properties. Without using a few internet marketing techniques it will be hard to stand out and be competitive with others in your field.

Real Estate Letters – Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work

Using real estate letters is not as glamorous, or appealing as internet marketing; but it should still be an integral part of your marketing plan. People still like receiving mail, despite being bombarded with more junk mail than they care to receive; so why not give them what they want?

Benefits of a Real Estate Website

There are many benefits to developing a real estate websites. By having a website that is available for viewing on the internet, you have a much wider pool of potential buyers to choose from than when using other, more traditional, means of marketing your properties.

How to Get Screaming, Raving Fans For Your Real Estate Business – A Facebook Secret Exposed

Getting your real estate business in front of a massive crowd can be expensive especially if you are using Google AdWords. Used incorrectly your Google AdWords campaign could be costing you $7 – $8 per click. But you do have an alternative and it’s much cheaper. Enter social media and in particular Facebook. With over 350 million accounts, Facebook offers you an ever increasing audience to market your business in.

How to Get Three Extra Transactions in the Next 60 Days

What’s the difference between a Realtor or Lender who will be out of the business within the next 60 days…and a Realtor or Lender who will do three extra transactions in the next 60 days? No, it’s not bigger ads, more cold calling, or sending out your local sports team’s game schedule.

Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents

Low cost lead generation is an absolute necessity for any Realtor who wants to make it big because every dollar that is spent is a dollar that is lost. That is not to say this spending this money is not important, since advertising and lead generation can be viewed as an investment, but saving money is also very important in the end.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Tooting Your Own Horn

Attention, luxury real estate marketing professionals, who seek market leadership: It is time to toot your own horn and get your story out to the media! There has never been a better time, given the opportunity for viral marketing on the internet (sharing your story with friends, family and colleagues with a couple of clicks).

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Become a Celebrity Agent

Luxury real estate marketing professionals who seek market leadership should take a lesson from famous chefs and become a celebrity agent in their marketplace. Here is an example of a French celebrity chef who has created a wonderful buzz-worthy story with his masterful take on the all-American hamburger.

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