Big Red Flags & Massive, Coming Market Crash.

5 Steps to Finding More Buyers for Your Real Estate Deals

Even though REOs and foreclosures are becoming tougher to find and compete for there are still endless deals to choose from. The real key to flipping houses fast and consistently is finding the buyers to sell them too. Fortunately, with numerous investment gurus like Warren Buffet signaling the optimal time to buy real estate is right now many of those who have been sitting on the sidelines are now turning into active home buyers and investors just waiting to be presented deals like yours.

Pinterest for Property Managers: 6 Ways to Jump In

As a property manager, you might not feel like the new Pinterest craze has much to do with your industry. It’s just for craftaholic women and outfit-hungry fashionistas, right? Not necessarily. Here are 6 ways you can use Pinterest to market your rental properties.

Is Social Media Best For Marketing Real Estate?

There is an increasing awareness among business owners and among those who want to invest in real estate or among those who are estate agents, of the success of social media outlets as a marketing tool. As millions of people throughout the world using this form of medium for marketing, increases the number of real estate agents using the advertising properties with social media to promote their business.

Real Estate Tools For Mobile Marketing

Realtors who use today’s hottest mobile marketing tools will see results in sales. The following is a brief description of three ways to use technology to boost your real estate business.

Selling A Home Quickly: Creative Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Professionals

Smart real estate agents know that a creative real estate marketing idea can be the difference between a house that sits on the market and one that sells. If you’re having problems coming up with new marketing ideas for real estate professionals, consider using one of these proven methods.

Commercial Property Marketing – Tips for Using Flyers in Your Campaigns

Flyers used in the marketing of commercial or retail property can be very effective if you personally distribute them and use them as a reason to talk to people. Here are some ideas for agents to use flyers in their marketing campaigns.

Why Online Success Is Every Estate Agent’s Holy Grail

With the tough economic climate, estate agents need to concentrate their efforts on cost-effective and long term marketing solutions. Establishing an effective online presence is one way of achieving this.

Commercial Property Marketing Tips for Low End Property

To market a low end commercial property today you have to be creative with limited funds. There are some right and wrong ways to go about that. Here are some tips for agents to use in the marketing campaign when funds are limited and enquiry is low.

Commercial Agents – Marketing Commercial Property the Right Way

Marketing commercial property is not a simple process. It requires the right approach today to tap into the limited and selective enquiry from property buyers and tenants. When the promotional campaign is correctly implemented by the agent, the time on market is shortened and the enquiry is maximised.

Commercial Agents – 4 Ways to Attract More Buyer Enquiry

In this property market, you need to maximise the enquiry from buyers. Each marketing campaign has to be structured to find the buyers and make them enquire. Each step of the property promotion process should be carefully considered and implemented by the listing agents. Here are some ideas to create more enquiry today.

The Best Ways to Market Commercial and Retail Property Today

Commercial and retail property today is going through a shift in marketing trends towards the internet. It is not just a matter of listing a property on a few websites and hoping for the best. Real target marketing still applies to help generate property enquiry. Here are some effective tips to help you market your real estate agency property listings.

Why More Sellers Should Offer Virtual Tours

Have you ever found yourself clicking between TV channels aimlessly, barely able to maintain focus on one show for more than a heartbeat? Well this type of short attention span threatens to sink the sale of many great homes, possibly including yours.

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