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Have Leads Pour From Your Real Estate Blog

Avoid the common mistakes and have your real estate blog work for you every month. The right planning and the right focus will make your blog a key part to a successful online marketing strategy.

7 Tips For Wrapping Your Head Around Online Real Estate Marketing

To successfully market your listings in tough times, you have to break out of the “old-school-marketing” train of thought. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of the tools out there.

Are You a True Real Estate Advertising Genius?

There is no beating around the bush here. If you want to succeed in real estate (or any other business for that matter), you absolutely, positively, MUST advertise, market, promote, tell and sell. Period.

Buyer Leads For Realtors – How To Capture Real Estate Internet Leads

If you’re a real estate agent in today’s market, you need to understand one all important fact: over 80% of all buyers start their home search online. Buyers today don’t pick up a newspaper, a magazine or a phone book to contact an agent. Buyer leads for Realtors come in through the internet.

Purchase Mortgage Leads – Where and How to Buy Successful Leads

There are several methods of lead generation but generally speaking, companies prefer to keep their data very close to their chest and as secretive as possible. However, if you know where to look, there are certain places that sell leads. In this article, I will explore how these lead lenders are the best way in which we can purchase mortgage leads…

Mortgage Refinance Leads – What Are They and How to Become Successful

Mortgage refinance leads are the best form of deals when considering benefits for both the lender and the borrower. Essentially, mortgage refinance leads are those where a mortgage company lends a person money in order to fully pay off their previous mortgage. In this article I will explore this interesting and lucrative topic…

How to Find Mortgage Leads

There is no doubt that it is a challenging job to find mortgage leads. But where does one start? Without these mortgage leads there would be no business and the company will ultimately fail in its objective. In this article I will explore what is required to find mortgage leads and why it is that professional companies employ only their finest men in order to generate the largest number of leads.

Cheap Mortgage Leads – A Better Means of Business

Cheap mortgage leads are what all financing companies are looking for; mortgage financiers require cheap leads in order to find better means for their business. Cheap leads are the best form of leads as they cost less and provide more in terms of profit for the company. Hence companies go all over searching for cheap mortgage leads. However, it is nearly impossible to buy them from other companies, but it is possible by using an indigenous team which functions specifically for the purpose of lead finding. Read on for the best ways to find cheap leads…

Surprising Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents Targeting Generation Y Homebuyers

How can real estate agents market their services to Generation-Y home buyers? Generation Y is a group whose relative purchasing power is increasing, despite economic conditions. These simple real estate Internet marketing tips are designed to help real estate agents looking to reach new audiences and attract more clients.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Additional Income Streams

This is the eighth article in an excellent marketing series exploring how to market for loan modification clients. This article covers how to tactfully refer your former clients to other professionals, including short sale experts/real estate brokers, credit repair specialists, and more. It explains how to turn these referral relationships into lots of additional profit for you.

Client Testimonials For Realtors – Marketing Gold!

Favorable testimonials from past real state clients can be a Realtor’s best marketing weapon. Get tips on obtaining client testimonials.

Your Agent Can’t Do It All – When Times Are Tough You Need to Help Market Your Home As Well!

What can you do to help get your home sold when the chips are down and the real estate market is in a slump? Don’t just leave your marketing to your real estate agent, help them get your home sold by tapping into your sphere of influence and spreading the word that your home is for sale!

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