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3 Secret Mortgage Meltdown Marketing Strategies

Learn how to get the most from your shrinking mortgage marketing budget. Get 3 secrets to surviving the mortgage meltdown and getting your mortgage business growing again.

An Often Overlooked But Important Piece to Your Marketing Materials

An important piece to your marketing puzzle needs to be testimonials. If you ever pay attention to what the best marketers in the world do, you’ll undoubtedly notice they include lot’s of testimonials in their advertising.

Marketing to Home Buyers

One of the most common mistakes agents make when marketing to home buyers is marketing only to the “aware”. The problem is this: anyone who knows they want to buy a house and is serious enough to go to a home-buyer’s seminar probably already has an agent. Let’s face it, everyone in the united states has a dog’s-former-owner’s roomate’s neighbor who practices real estate on the side.

The Art of Negotiation – Are You a Skilled Negotiator?

As a real estate investor and coach, negotiations are a part of my everyday life. As a Realtor, Seller or buyer the art of negotiation can mean the difference between great success and dismal failure. Everyone should take a lesson in the art of negotiation as it is an integral part of your life and your business. Artful negotiation is what separates the men from the boys so to speak. Can you say as a Realtor that you are a true negotiator or just the presenter of an offer?

The Online Marketing Process

Business owners, managers and decision makers need a comprehensive guide to the online marketing process. Here is an overview to the process. These decision makers don’t need the how to guide to real estate marketing, they only need the knowledge necessary to judge whether something is a good deal. They also need to know how hire the right personnel.

Septic Systems and Rural Living

Here’s another question likely to arise once you’ve found your perfect rural property: your seller tells you there’s no sewer hookup and that you’ll have to install your own septic system. She assures you not to worry, “a conventional septic system will work just fine; the soil “perc’s” like a champ!” What’s she talking about?

“A” is For Automation – 3 Key Areas of Your Business That You Must Put on Autopilot

As our world of ever-expanding technology creates further demands on our time (even though it’s supposed to free up more time for us-that’s a laugh!), it becomes more and more clear to me how important automation is to a real estate agent. What is automation? It’s having a system in place so that you don’t even have to think about a certain part of your business.

Marketing Your Home to the 55+

The baby boomers are retiring and many of the 77 million people that make up this demographic are going to be thinking about changing their residence. What are you doing to attract them to your property? Aiming at an older demographic can pay off in a quick home sale at a good price.

Success Tips to Real Estate Professionals With Blogs

More and more real estate professionals are getting into business blogging and there are things they should be considering if they wish to be successful at it. You see, a real estate professional generally works a specific region or specializes in a specific niche. Thus, real estate bloggers must focus on that niche. If you specialize in REOs, vacation homes, rental homes, or short sales, then you need to write about that, plus you need to write about your area and region.

5 Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Listing Properties Without Spending a Dime

Promoting your real estate listing properties is commonly a task with cost money. This article will provide you with easy methods to use for promoting your real estate listing properties without spending any money.

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Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate Marketing Plan overview along with common mistakes agents and realtors(R) make in real estate marketing. Has tips and tricks to create real estate leads, real estate internet marketing tips, tools, and more.

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