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4 Tips For Making A Good Real Estate Business Plan

The Makings of a Good Real Estate Business Plan Real estate business isn’t something you dive into nose first and worry about what to do later; that’s a surefire way of failing from the start. On the contrary, it is something which should be approached only once you have a careful and well thought-out plan under your hand. Needless to say, the exact plan which you are going to make will be very subjective, but regardless of that there are some steps which you can take to ease the whole process and at least give…

The Real Estate Market in Austin, Texas

With its enticing mix of affordability, amenities and high quality of life, Austin, Texas, is one of the top opportunities in the United States for great real estate deals. The city benefits from modest home prices as well as a wealth of local amenities and attractions all conveniently situated in the heart of Texas.

5 Reasons Why Real Estate and Property Management Companies Should Embrace Local SEO

There are about 11 million companies, organizations, and business all over the world with Facebook pages and about 9 million who have claimed their Google Places Pages. These were the figures given by Facebook and Google as of June 2012. The reason for this boom is clearly due to the massive movement of Google to go local on its algorithm. What this means is that Google will now take the locale of a business when ranking its website, blog, or any relevant content about the business on searches.

4 Great Real Estate Marketing Tools

When it comes to being a real estate agent perhaps the most important skill you need to have is advertising yourself. Chances are that the money you are going to earn will be largely based on your performance, and if you can’t attract any clients to your offers, then chances are that you’ll need to look for a new line of work as soon as possible.

A Few Things to Implement in Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Another very popular way of getting yourself noticed in this day and age is to use social media, which is something that should already be in your marketing plan for real estate. If it’s not, then simply take a few minutes to consider this information: Facebook has almost one billion users, and 56% of them claim that they are much more likely to recommend and purchase some kind of brand themselves after becoming a fan of it.

Real Estate Marketing With YouTube

Why real estate marketing with YouTube? Well, to start things off it should be noted that every single day YouTube receives more than two billion views in total; in a month, YouTube receives more than 60 billion visits, which is roughly eight times the Earth’s population (needless to say those aren’t unique visits).

Property Site Web Surfers in South Africa Are a Sophisticated Bunch

With more and more people becoming increasingly comfortable with the web, many more are also becoming more comfortable in transacting online. This applies even more so to those browsing property web sites. This is according to a study done by media company, Effective Measure, a provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets.

Social Marketing for Real Estate Agents

There is hardly a person living in this day and age who hasn’t at the very least heard of Facebook and how it brings everyone together. The fact of the matter is that social networks are becoming an increasingly integral part in the lives of many people out there and it is only logical that they should be used for marketing and advertising. As it happens, there are ways to use Facebook for real estate agents who want to give their career a little boost.

Realtors Using Every Door Direct Mail for Lead Gen

What is the best way to advertise new property listings, send out recently sold mailers, and generate leads for your real estate business? Dollar for dollar, nothing out performs the Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) program. This program allows realtors to reach out to prospective home buyers, and sellers, whom are currently looking into various property and investment opportunities.

How to Get More Business Using Real Estate Management Software

There are many different facets to property management; it all comes down to how efficient you manage your clientele and your sales process. The reality in this industry is that there are always opportunities to make profits no matter how bad the economy might be. The secret is in managing all related processes in a manner that leads to success. This is where real estate management software comes in to help realtors in the growth of their business.

7 Keys to a Successful Shopping Centre Marketing Campaign

The success of a shopping centre or mall depends on its ability to attract customers. A well designed local marketing campaign will help with that. The landlord for a retail property and the tenants should work together to establish a productive promotional campaign for the property. Here are some tips to help property managers establish the right type of campaign for the properties that they manage.

Realtors – Top Tips to Servicing Your Commercial Real Estate Listings

Commercial real estate listings today really do need to be well listed and marketed. The servicing process to your listings must be comprehensive and professional. Here are some tips to help commercial agents with their listing activities so that properties will get more enquiry.

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