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5 Reasons You Need a Listing in Real Estate Directories

Did you ever consider that perhaps you should list your contact information in real estate directories? That thought has occurred to a lot of people. A number of them actually acted on that thought.

Software-as-a-Service Document Management Saves Real Estate Professionals Time and Money

This year’s new catch phrase is Software as a Service (SaaS). Analysts claim that by 2010, 30% of new software will be delivered via a SaaS model. Also called “on-demand software,” the “ASP model” or “hosted software,” SaaS involves subscribing to web-based software hosted at the provider’s site.

Free Listing Presentation For Real Estate Agents

Every agent has their own twist on what works when presenting their listing presentation to a prospective seller. Below will outline some important criteria that you will need to incorporate in some fashion in your listing presentation.

3 Keys of Marketing Yourself Online in Real Estate

Believing in investing yourself is a number one essential in Real Estate business. Try to attend seminars and webinars when you have time. Most of the title companies, home warranty companies and builders give free seminars related to real estate business and marketing. Today, you can reach a lot of articles, blogs, newspapers and even magazines about any topic you consider to improve.

Understanding Your Customers Requirements in the Real Estate Industry

Most real estate agents tend to make one major mistake over and over again: approaching the customer. As an agent, you have more than one property that you wish to sell. For you, each sale has a hefty commission, which is why you can be excused for thinking only of the sale, rather than the customer who will buy the property.

Real Estate Agents – Brand YOU Online With a Blog

As it stands, Real Estate Agents are hard pressed by the economy we are all faced with, but this should not be a time to give up or in. This is the time where the agent should be learning how to effectively brand themselves online and getting a hosted blog could be the simple answer.

Make the Most of Your Real Estate Agent Personal Brochure

Your real estate personal brochure should be just that – personal. It offers opportunities to build trust and create bonds with prospects long before you meet them. Here’s what to include.

Twitter – What it Can Do to Your Real Estate Business

Promote your real estate business online and take it to the next level with Twitter. Marketing your real estate business using Twitter is an effective way to drive traffic to your websites in the quickest amount of time.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Learn How to Take Away Top Rankings From Competitors

Effective website promotion is a critical to the success of virtually any business in today’s digital era. And it is especially important to real estate marketing professionals due to the fact that the Internet plays such a huge role in connecting home buyers and sellers with real estate marketing professionals, as a study published on found.

How to Revive a Real Estate Business Using Online PR Campaign Strategies

The days of marketing by just having your face on a “For Sale” sign or business card are long gone. Taking advantage of the internet and online PR Campaigns can be fairly easy if you are open to revamping your marketing strategy.

Is Your Face on a Static Web Page a Competitive Advantage? How About a PR Video!

To compete for business in this tough economy you need a PR Video that will set you apart from the other lackluster sites peppering the local realtor sites. Of course, many realtors are not into getting themselves on YouTube using their webcam to promote themselves and would feel very self conscious in doing so.

How to Get Your Property Seen by More Clients

For any real estate professional, either a Realtor or an Investor, the one hurdle that will be faced is getting enough potential clients to see your property. The ultimate goal is to sale that property and with many new internet tools it has become easier. Learn how to use these tools.

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