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6 Creative Marketing Strategies to Revive Your Real Estate Business

Real estate marketing is about reaching your target audience in a unique and creative fashion. This article features 6 ways you can spice up your business, distinguish yourself from the competition, and strengthen your core clientele. These include 1) Client & Cocktails 2) Jazzy Real Estate Flyers 3) Open House Exhibit 4) The Neighborhood Garage Sale 5)Community Roundtable 6) Party On The Block.

Selling Your Lake Home – 6 Top Marketing Tips

So you think it is the right time to sell off your lake house? Are you wondering about where and how you can advertise the same? There are undoubtedly several options in case you plan for your lake home sale advertising. You could be definite to get a number of calls since most people show interest in waterfront property.

Postcard Marketing in Real Estate

Post card marketing is a large part of the real estate business. Real estate professionals have hundreds and thousands of names in their home databases where they send mailers and flyers all the time. But, what if those postcards are being thrown in the trash not because you do not have the service the potential client needs, but because the postcards all look the same.

Is it Possible to Prosper in Today’s Market?

I may take a different mindset as well as a reminder of what has worked in the past to succeed in today’s real estate and lending environment. sometimes it is the simple reminder of doing the things that work well that can keep your business on track and prospering, even in this market!

Marketing Your Home For a Quick Sale

There are several different things that you absolutely need to consider when you are trying to complete a fast real estate sale. Keep in mind, the real estate market is dynamic, so it is always experiencing fluctuations that are going to have an effect on your ability to sell your home quickly. You will want to understand the nuances of these market fluctuations so that you can learn how to capitalize on them and market your home effectively and efficiently.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use Real Estate Flyer Templates

In difficult real estate markets (such as today’s market), it’s crucial for agents to lean out their marketing costs, yet at the same time, improve their brand identity and become efficient and well-known as an agent. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing real estate flyer templates when creating marketing for their property listings. This article covers the top five advantages to using real estate flyer templates including 1) Unlimited Use 2) Consistent Brand Image 3) Lower Marketing Cost 4) Easy Printing 5) Fast Speed of Implementation.

Real Estate Marketing – How to Make Your Listing the Best of the Best of the Best

With the onset of winter, there has never been a better time to take a look at the topic of curb appeal. Many homeowners are examining their houses in preparation for the winter months. As Real Estate Agents, we need to do the same with our listings.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads Vs Semi Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Many Loan Officers and Branch Managers struggle with the question of whether or not it is better to buy exclusive mortgage leads or to buy semi exclusive mortgage leads. This is what I think about it.

Generate Your Real Estate Leads While Helping Consumers

The current state of the real estate market is tough on both consumers and agents. Consumers are afraid of making the wrong decision and agents are afraid they won’t be able to make it through the real estate recession. When you look at the issues of both groups – the consumer’s need for information and the agent’s need for leads – you will find a solution that benefits both parties.

Real Estate Sales Leads – Why Training and Materials Are Important

All successful real estate sales leads generation campaigns start with one lead. Practice makes perfect, so when you discover something that’s effective repeat it over and over.

A Good Real Estate Letter is the Real Deal

A single real estate letter can boost business, but I gotta tell you; I hate writing them. That’s why I use prewritten letters.

Tend to Your Client Garden, Or Someone Else Will

Today’s real estate prospects know more about the housing market than ever before. In fact, thanks to the Internet, there’s a good chance that most of the information many Realtors provide in FREE consultations has already been digested – leaving your unique expertise left for you to prove. In short, the curtain has been moved aside and the Wizard exposed.

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