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What If All The Real Estate Headlines Are Wrong?

A man slowly walks down a flight of stairs, sometimes pausing or retracing his steps until he reaches a floor. After trudging along for while, he notices another staircase and begins ascending, occasionally pausing or taking a step back before methodically proceeding upward.

Videos and Photos Help Bank Owned Properties Sell Quicker

The new age of marketing homes with photos and video is lost in the old ways of the listing agent just putting homes in the multiple listing service and not doing the work of adding photos and video to the listing to get home sold quicker. Read further how one company in Atlanta is impressing the investor market by giving them more information before the home comes on the market with their massive buyer list.

A Look At Real Estate Market Blogs

There are millions of blogs out there, and thousands related to the national or international real estate market. How do you choose from them all? If there is a specific area of the country or world you want to research, then that cuts out a lot of blogs right there.

Making Pay Per Lead Work in Your Real-Estate or Mortgage Business

Marketing is expensive and in a lot of ways mystical. What works and what doesn’t is often this most obvious tweak in an image or value message. This is why aggressive sales professionals that thrive on good conversations and building personal relationships quickly grow frustrated trying to create effective and sustainable marketing programs. Luckily, there are individuals that can reduce that frustration and help efficiently stock that pipeline with new potential relationships.

Real Estate Blogs To Promote The Housing Market

Considering the real estate market is declining at an alarming rate, especially in the U.S., professionals are now creating real estate blogs to market their personal real estate business portfolio. The number of prospective customers, as well as the ease in maintaining communication between them will boost their profit to amazing heights.

Powerful Presentation Weapons

There are six presentations that are the foundation of every successful Real Estate career. They are your Listing Presentation, Buyer Presentation, Showing Homes, Offer Presentation including Negotiating, Offer Writing, and your Price Reduction Presentation. The success of your career is based on your effectiveness with these presentations.

Who Are All These Gremlins Taking My Flyers and No Prospects To Be Seen?

If you are a real estate agent who lists homes, you probably know what it feels like to print hundreds of flyers for your flyer box and they consistently disappear with little prospects in return. Why are so many people taking your flyers and you never hear a peep from them?

Open House Success – 11 Strategies to Help You Sell More Homes!

I’ve have been successfully selling real estate for almost 20 years and can count the number of times I have sold a specific house at an open house on one hand. However, I long ago lost count of the number of clients and sales I have made through holding open houses. If you follow even a handful of these tips, your next open house is sure to be a success!

Is Your Number Important On Your Yellow Letter? Part 2

We talked about in importance of what phone number to use for our yellow letter calls. We also talked about the importance of who answers the calls. We’ll go into this further now in part two.

Is Your Number Important On Your Yellow Letter? Part 1

You’re running your yellow letter campaign and need to set up a phone number in the letter. How important is the number that you use?

The First Two Steps to Success

These are two areas of excellence that have proven to be essential for success in virtually any field, but the data has been collected from the real estate industry specifically. Agents, lenders and vendors can easily and nearly effortlessly improve their success rate by simply understanding and applying these key concepts!

3 Easy Ways to Get Discount Real Estate

I am frequently asked by other investors how I find so many deals at such great prices. The answer is simple. Advertise, Advertise, And Advertise! I don’t’ follow the crowd. And I don’t want the foreclosure properties that everyone else is searching for.

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