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Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The New Imperative of Personal Branding in Social Media

The key to building a high-volume luxury real estate marketing practice is developing an abundance of high-trust relationships. The more you make the more you earn. Personal branding accelerates the process of building trust in cyberspace. It is the new imperative in social media.

What is Salting and Why Should You Always Do This When Mailing Post Cards

Place Yourself on the Mailing List One final suggestion would be that no matter what list you use, make sure that you put yourself on the list. This is called Salting the list. If you have an Excel spreadsheet, go to the bottom of the list and add your own name and address.

How to Manage Your Mailing List and Use Postcards to Find Potential Sellers

Manage Your Lists in Excel What I recommend is after you purchase a list I would get it in Excel spreadsheet format. Typically you can get it in what’s called comma delimited. The software we’re going to go through tonight is able to handle that.

Bandit Signs and Repetition – the Key to Successful Marketing

The other we want to talk about here real quick is you can use bright signs. You can use bright orange with black letters. Particularly this time of year that fits the season.

Loan Modification Leads – How to Use Direct Mail Successfully and Effectively

Direct Mail has traditionally been one of the most effective ways to direct market. Reach your target audience with an effective message especially when it comes to helping homeowners to modify their loans.

Get More Appraisal Work For 2010

Need more appraisal work for 2010? I have seen many friends close their businesses in 2009 due to lack of appraisal work. It things are slow for you, now is the time to start building your business. This articles will show you how you can successfully make new contacts and expand your online presence to bring in more appraisal work.

How to Get Exactly What You Want – Be Specific!

Getting referrals in the real estate business is the key to becoming a successful realtor. Many people try to ask for referrals but are not doing it the proper way. When correctly asking for a real estate referral your results will increase dramatically.

5 Things You Should Never Place on Your Real Estate Property Signage

We live in a world that is plugged in in every way shape and form. Information is transmitted at lightning speed and that applies particularly to real estate marketing. However, one of the most effective methods of marketing your real estate continues to be on site signage.

Realtor Marketing – The Right Way to Use E-Mail to Get Referrals – Part One

In this article I begin a discussion on the effectiveness and difficulties of e-mail marketing. There is one thing we can all agree upon, everyone is resistant to sales pitches in any form. And we have all learned to protect the privacy of our e-mail box. But does that mean nobody buys anything anymore? Of course not. People still need the kind of information that allows them to make wise purchase decisions. The proper and polite implementation of an e-mail campaign will allow you to get your message out in front of those that may need your services.

Social Media and Real Estate Investing

Have you ever sold a property on Twitter? Or had a buyer come to you from Facebook? Chances are that neither has happened. Why? Because investors are not properly using social media. Here are the facts: 80% of home buyers go online for their properties and search key words in a search engine. People are going to Google or Yahoo to begin searching, not your twitter per say. As a real estate investor, social media should be used to make connections, build relationships, and build a bridge to communicate constantly with potential partners, associates, and more. Trying to use Facebook to sell a property might work, but if you don’t have marketing plan to drive traffic using social media, you’re missing the point.

Mortgage Broker Marketing That Generates Qualified Mortgage Leads

These days one can hardly afford not having a website to promote your mortgage business. Without an online presence, you are simply losing customers to your competitors. Mortgage broker marketing that generates qualified leads can make the difference in a world that is becoming increasingly connected to cyberspace.

Real Estate Agents Should Start a Blog Now!

Real Estate agents should be starting their blogs now, which is currently the ‘off season’ for most. For professional business people that haven’t started their own blog, there’s never been a better time than now.

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