Real Estate Agent Survival Guide – A Recipe for Lemonade

Are you sick of all of the bad publicity you hear on the news about the Real Estate Industry? Are you sitting on a bunch of listings yet not had a sale in months? Are buyers running you all over the place and then too afraid to put in an offer?

Real Estate Leads Generation

Generating real estate leads forms the ultimate goal of all real estate agents. Most people know very little about the real estate business while registering as a real estate agent. So, why such a difference in success rate?

Mortgage Marketing For Loan Officers – Eliminate Your Competition

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd of loan officers that seems to grow each year? If you’re not standing out, you need to go about mortgage marketing differently than your competition. If you don’t, customers won’t be able to tell you apart from your competition, and this will hurt your business.

Becoming The Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World

The GREATEST real estate agent in the world is an interesting topic of conversation as well as being a contest. Now, let me explain first that I do not consider myself the “Greatest real estate agent in the world Panama City, Florida!” but I do consider myself a very adept and professional real estate agent who offers the finest real estate services in However, this sounds like a fun contest and I thought I would enter and have a little fun with it.

Building Successful Real Estate Websites

Building a successful Website for Real Estate is surely a challenge. Read on and find out tips on overcoming this challenge and making your Real Estate Website a hit!

Tips for Successful Real Estate Marketing

If you have ever felt you could do better as a real estate agent, these Real Estate Marketing tips will certainly help you. See if you are lacking in one of these points.

Real Estate Marketing System – Marketing Individual Houses On The Web

Developing a real estate marketing system for the web is very different from advertising in print sources. The primary difference is the lack of space limitation. On the web, you have virtually unlimited space to sell a property. Yet, many agents are still stuck in what I call the “classified rut.” That is, they act as if they are still paying by the word when advertising a home.

Before You Ask for Referrals, Readjust Your Attitude

Many successful real estate practices are built on referrals, and yet most Realtors are afraid to come right out and ask for them. Why? Because it feels like begging.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Catch Web Surfers Early in the Buying Cycle

If you’re an agent, real estate marketing is a primary concern for you. A few large firms have taken full advantage of their websites, but most realtors don’t really know how to harness the power of the web. Real estate agents are trained and conditioned to write short blurbs on their featured properties. That’s because when you are selling in the classifieds, you pay by the word and when you have a feature in one of the grocery store magazines, you are limited to a couple dozen words. Short is beautiful.

Three Key Principles to Having Your Best Year in Brokerage Ever!

I promise you that complaining about the state of the market, or the economy, or your competition will NOT help in any way whatsoever! Yes, acknowledge the state of the market, but instead of complaining about it, “quantify” it! Learn more…

Real Estate Logo Design – Realtor Logo Design

You Logo is by far the most crucial and most prominent way for your business to get noticed. In the competitive Real Estate Market, being able to stand out in front of your competitors is a very important fact to take into consideration. It is important that your logo be carefully designed in a professional manner to ensure that your business conveys excellence and quality.

Realtor Website – Are you Search Engine Optimized?

Search engine optimization of your Realtor Website is important for the growth of your real estate services. Learn more on how to achieve good website design and search-friendliness for your website.

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