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Real Estate Marketing Principles

Real estate marketing is as tough as any other marketing. Irrespective of its short sales, distressed properties, rehab, distressed mortgage, commercial properties, investment opportunities. Today I am going to share with you direct mailing principles for real estate.

Every Realtor Should Belong To A Mastermind Group – Here’s Why

Real Estate is my full time occupation. I run my business like the big corporations do: I have a full time Accountant and a Lawyer whom I consult with on a regular basis.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – How to Reframe “Asking for the Business”

Do you have trouble keeping it professional and actually asking for the business? This article gives you some great tips on how to re-think how you approach this problem.

Marketing a High-End Property for Sale

A successful marketing strategy for a high-end property will be one that reaches the right sort of buyers and results in a sale. When selling a luxury property, different methods will need to be used than when selling a less expensive property. It is, therefore, important to work with a realtor who has experience in handling high-end properties since they will understand how to put together a suitable marketing strategy.

Simple Ways to Build Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

Putting your real estate business online does not just end after you have successfully accomplished setting up your website. Bear in mind that you have to do many other things to make sure that your real estate website will remain visible online.

Top 10 Tips for Great Listing Copy

We’ve looked before at how easy it can be to make unintentional errors when writing up your listings. Embellishments can creep in without you realising, and comments that focus on one type of buyer can end up turning off other potential clients. So how do you walk that fine line, outlining all the positives a property has to offer without stretching the truth, and promoting it to the right audience without leaving other buyers out?

Use a Mortgage Mailing List to Help Your Residential Lending Business

In the recession of our economy now many are feeling the toughness of life especially on the mortgage and real estate industry. So you have to think of ways how you could survive your mortgage business in times like this. In this article you will learn the value of mortgage mailing list to your business.

What Is Discount Realty?

In 1981 the average cost to sell a home in the Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market was 6%. In 2010 that average remains the same. The use of the internet in marketing homes has drastically changed the way homes are bought in sold. It is really no longer necessary to have a store front operation to be a successful Realtor or Real Estate Broker. Find out why you, the Home Seller, should be keeping more of your money.

Prospecting – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

When times were good, we could rely on referrals to give us all the business we needed. Nowadays, referrals alone aren’t adequate to preserve the incomes we had become accustomed to. Just to replicate the same amount of money I USED to make, I need to WRITE 150 deals so I can CLOSE 75 deals. Why? Just look at the analysis…

Real Estate Marketing Based on Facts

Real estate marketing is hard enough without making assumptions based on fiction. Making decisions based on factual information is usually the difference between a successful campaign and going out of business.

Real Estate Agents’ Commission Fees

The constantly published articles by the property journalist of The Straits Times in Singapore, on the up-coming stringent regulations to be taken effect by the end of 2010, cover, from the unethical agents to commission fees, were all very loop-sided. It was all about consumers’ sufferings, which, I personally agree that, consumers should definitely be protected. However, no article has been published about the sufferings of the real estate agents in Singapore. But, the hammering of the real estate agents should not received a fixed commission fee of 2%.

Virtual Tours of Houses

The Internet has forged a remarkable transformation in the Real Estate Industry, making the task of marketing, buying and selling a home, more efficient. Time is one of man’s most valuable assets and through the use of internet virtual tours, home buyers can focus their time and attention only looking at homes that meet their criteria.

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