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Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Differentiate Yourself in a Nanosecond

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is absolutely essential to sharply differentiate your brand of doing business from that of your closest competitors. When you are in a listing presentation, you must let your prospective client know, in a nano-second, how you are distinct from the others that they may be interviewing.

Ready For a Sale Sign?

When thinking of selling your home, there are many things to do before calling a Realtor and having a sign put in the yard. Many people assume that they should first have the house put on the market, and THEN start to fix the things that need repair. First things first, you should Think like a Buyer! If you were out looking for a new home, would you be impressed with one that the seller “promises to repair”, or one that is freshly painted, clean, and ready to move into?

Part 1 – Online Real Estate Marketing – 10 Must-Haves For Your Website

Online real estate marketing has taken off over the last decade and it’s a big industry. It is a cost-effective way for real estate agents to give their listing maximum exposure and if used correctly can help you double or even triple your sales.

How to Market Your Real Estate Properties to 20,000 Buyers For Free

How would you like to be able to market your properties to 20,000 buyers for free? This is now possible because of the increasing popularity of the Internet or more specifically, community sites on the Internet. A community site is a Web site that has a well defined common interest, in our case, real estate investing.

It All Depends on Your Postcard

In spite of the rising cost of everything, postcard marketing is still extremely affordable and remains an effective direct marketing tactic that is easily incorporated into your business marketing mix. Here are five tips for effective postcard marketing.

Marketing Your Real Estate on the Internet – Don’t Make the Mistake of “Testing the Market”

Properties that are priced accurately sell quicker and for a greater amount of the asking price. If the real estate stays on the market any extended length of time it will cost the seller real money. Every day the carrying expenses of ownership add up and the seller will not recoup these costs. Testing the market is a loosing proposition.

How to Get Real Estate Buyers to Keep Appointments – Take a Tip From a Busy Restaurant

Prospects who fail to keep appointments do more than annoy you – they cost you money by wasting time you could have been using with real clients. Here’s a simple way to get them to show up – or at least call to cancel.

Try This Real Estate Lead-Generation Idea

What better time to ask your happy buyers or sellers for referrals than right after closing? Here’s an idea that will get you a personal introduction to your client’s sphere of influence.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Appreciating Multiple Cultures

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is helpful to understand multiple cultures and ethnic holidays. Your friends and clients will appreciate you for it. For, example, did you know there are two Easters?

Real Estate Wholesaling 101 – Use Offline Marketing For Quick Results

One of our mentors is fond of saying: “Don’t try to find the cheapest source of leads. Cost average the leads across multiple channels and don’t depend on any one thing.”

Mortgage Telemarketing Leads – The Sad Truth About Using These Mortgage Leads

My first hand experience with mortgage telemarketing leads was not so good. I managed a mortgage company for a while and found that these leads looked attractive at first but then I found the truth.

The Best Way For Real Estate Agents to Get Leads

Real estate agents are constantly on the lookout for new leads. You can always see their ads on buses, and bus benches, and in newspapers and in your mail box. I’m sure they’re all over the different real estate trade publications as well. But how effective are all these different types of marketing, really?

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