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Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Having a real estate listing system is arguably one of the best ways to ensure your success and should be every newly licensed real estate agent’s top priority; veteran agents, too if they never had one.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Tips for Creating Success

Do you avoid marketing? Do you wish it would just go away so you could do what you are good at? This article sheds new light on the marking process, helping you to reframe your beliefs about marketing. The result? You’ll actually learn how to be passionate about marketing!

What Good Is a Real Estate Investing Course If It Doesn’t Contain A Marketing Plan?

Are you a frustrated real estate enrepreneur? This article cuts through the fluff and reveals the often ignored but ultimately powerful secret that transforms your real estate investing business into a profit magnet.

The Secret To Marketing Your FSBO Home For Sale

You’re ready to put your home or land (house, townhouse, condo, apartment, farm, ranch, finished lot, raw land, etc.) on the market as a FSBO (for sale by owner). How do you go about marketing your FSBO? Read on.

Searching the Hawaii Property Listings

When looking at a Hawaii property listing and gauging the amount you are willing to spend, it will be best if, along with a good price, you can determine your ability to resell the house. You should be aware of the maintenance costs…

Real Estate Website Marketing – 5 Steps to Crushing Your Competition and Doubling Your Business

Internet Marketing Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for Realtors

What Are the Pitfalls of Marketing a Property Before It’s Ready?

Selling quickly is a high priority for some home sellers. A job transfer can prompt the need to relocate on short notice. When trade-up buyers find their dream home, they often need to sell their current home quickly in order to complete the purchase of the new one.

How to Make a Home for Sale Flyer Using Marketing Psychology

Want to sell your home right away, for the highest profit to you? Discover how to improve on the Realtor’s number two sales tool–right after the sign–your sales flyer. Jeanette Fisher’s benefit-driven sales flyer helps you with Internet marketing psychology methods.

7 Marketing Methods for Real Estate Coaches

You shower, shampoo, dress your best, check to see if you have plenty of business cards, drive about an hour, introduce yourself by saying “Hi, I’m Mary and I’m a coach” and the other person says, “H…

Staging(r) Your Home for Sale: a Superior Real Estate Home Marketing Technique: Part 1

Every Realtor KNOWS that a home should be shown in its best light to help sell it faster and for more money! We also know that, properly done, it Is a lot more than putting fragrant pies, breads or cookies in the oven, opening the drapes and turning on all the lights; although even that helps greatly. Setting the stage to obtain the highest value, fastest, for a home has recently evolved into a real estate specialty that can pay of grandly for the seller and help the buyer overcome the immense emotional strain of making a decision on which, of many similar properties, to purchase. For a few hundred or a few thousand dollars; a seller can increase the speed greatly and add several percentage points to the sales price, simultaneously!

Real Estate Development Marketing

When do you start? As soon as you open your ‘baby blue eyes’ every morning!

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