Can Anyone Make Cost Efficient Professional Real Estate Flyers?

Real estate flyers can be a great addition to your marketing campaign. But how cost efficient are they to produce and what will the quality be like? Is it possible for an investor to produce a high quality flyer from their office or home? In this article, I go over the details of what makes an eye popping real estate flyer and how you can cost effectively produce them.

A New Twist On Property Signs for Real Estate Agents

Real estate marketing is important for your listings. Signage in the yard is typical, but a twist on the concept can use a commonly available to drive more traffic to your listings.

Flash Funding and Social Media For Real Estate Investors

Flash funding and social media marketing have both emerged as incredibly powerful tools for real estate investors, but how should you be using them together to flip even more houses? Flash funding, aka transactional funding is enabling real estate investors to flip houses incredibly quickly, minimize risks and turn around a much higher volume of properties each month. However, while transactional lending definitely enables a more efficient business model some investors seem to get stuck on generating a large pool of buyers or lining up end buyers before they lock up a property.

How to Achieve Success in Real Estate Marketing?

Just like in any business the success of real estate depends on target marketing. It allows you concentrate on the area that you have to focus all your marketing activities and makes them more cost effective.

Texting For Real Estate Agents And How You Can Use It In Marketing Your Properties

Many have asked; which is better, texting for real estate agents or using a QR code. Both offer distinct advantages and it really depends on what your desired, end result is. Fact is, they are similar but remarkably different in the way they work. We will discuss the benefits of text marketing and how you can implement texting in to your real estate career.

Call Capture in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate professionals are now using call capture in their marketing efforts. Call capture is praised by industry professionals, but consumers are concerned about privacy protection.

Why New Real Estate Agents Should Use Real Estate Marketing Letters

Answer me this; When you started in real estate did you have a mentor to show you the ropes? Did the office you started at offer any type of training? Well, if you are anything like I was my broker didn’t offer any type of training. He basically threw the agents in his office to the wolves. Years later I realize he couldn’t have been dumber.

Tips To Outsource Real Estate Tasks

With all the real estate tasks an agent is encountering it is important to learn how to outsource these tasks. Many agents are a part of a small real estate office or may be in a small market and therefore have to do every tedious detail for every transaction. To be honest, most of your time should be devoted to getting listings or meeting with prospective clients and canvassing your area of expertise. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be able to outsource some of the menial office tasks so that you can focus on getting new work?


Try my simple 3 STEP ‘Fortune is in the Follow-Up System’ approach to attracting new clients while building meaningful and lasting client relationships. Whether you are at a networking at an event, trade show or private gathering the best way to connect with someone is to engage them in a conversation first. Ask them about what kind of business they have and/or referrals they are looking for. Truth be told, networking is all about the other person first, and then about you.

Power of a Great Property Marketing Proposal

When you carefully prepare a property marketing proposal, the challenges of finding a buyer or tenant are addressed and time on market is shortened. Here is a checklist that you can use in creating a marketing proposal with commercial property sales.

Real Estate Website Templates Are a Waste of Money!

You need to know that there are three crucial areas that most agents neglect when creating or purchasing their real estate website templates. The first is they fail to capture their leads and provide a follow up, the second is that they do not properly use video and the third, costs them the most trying to re-invent what a good real estate website template is.

Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs a Well-Written Agent Bio

Your real estate agent bio page is the one place where you can and should talk about yourself. And what you say here is important. It should be designed to let prospects see who you are, and to offer them an opportunity to connect with and trust the real you.

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