Dead Cat Bounce 2.0 | The Stock Market Returns.

Prospecting For Real Estate Agents

If you have been an agent for quite some time, you should understand that prospecting could be an interesting, hard, but rewarding activity. In general, prospecting is a term used to denote a real estate agent’s measures to attract and persuade prospective clients.

How to Easily Syndicate Your Real Estate Property Listings to Google, Yahoo, Zillow & More

Real estate agents need to use every resource the internet offers to attract eyeballs to their customers listings. One way to do that is to upload each one individually to the major search engines.

The Flavors of Real Estate Investing

The question “What is real estate investing?” may elicit different responses from different people. The fact is that real estate investing is a wide area. There are various types of investing.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Stand Out With Citizen Journalism

Today, if you want to be on the leading edge, luxury real estate marketing professionals need to morph into citizen journalists via blogging, video blogging, podcasting, and article distribution. Why? You need to reach people where they now hang out-on the internet and in social networks.

Realtor Coaching – Turn Your Ezine Into a Realtor Magnet

Want your Ezine to not only stay in contact with Realtors but to earn their trust, and motivate them to become clients? Here are 14 ways to get your Ezine read, make it Ezine spread like wild fire, and build trust and excitement so that Realtors will want to invest in your information products and join your mentor programs.

How to Gain Free Publicity As a Real Estate Agent

It is very important to gain access to free publicity and media mileage especially if you are a real estate agent. Here are several guidelines that could help you ramp up and gain free publicity on your own…

How to Be a Successful and Sought-After Real Estate Agent

Many home buyers and home sellers are in need of good and reliable real estate agents. There are just too many agents out in the market. it is not surprising that competition is very tough. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you should always make sure you are a successful and sought-after real estate agent.

WordPress, IDX and Real Estate

Powerful SEO websites can be built using WordPress and advanced IDX Integration. WordPress allows for easy management and updates and can be customized as a full CMS. 80% of home buyers start on line, therefore gaining high rankings in Google is critical for success. Advanced IDX integration delivers complete MLS, slide shows, registration and email newsletters.

Some Considerations on the For Sale by Owner Real Estate Sales Channel

For Sale By Owner is a sales channel whereby the property owner, himself, is selling his own property-for-sale. The most common practice in real estate selling is that a property owner courses his for-sale-property to an accredited agent or broker. The broker will be fully responsible for the marketing, closing of sale, sales legal documentation and even after sales care, in trade of a commission percentage.

Apartment Marketing Solutions, Ideas and Tips – Demographic Trends in Renting

In general, immigrants tend to rent more often (and longer) than those people born and raised in the United States. Young adults from the ages of 18-30 also tend to rent more often due to their newly found freedom from the homes of their childhood, their lack of funds due to student loans, and their general inexperience when it comes to home ownership…

Why Realtors Should Have a Quality Realty Website

Whether you think you need a real estate website or not, it is quickly becoming a necessity for areas like Littleton, Colorado even if that’s the only area you serve. Littleton realtors need to check out this article for solid tips on building a website that communicates what people want and expect.

Sales Are Up – But is the Real Estate Market Really Getting Stronger?

A new report shows an increase in home sales along with a slight gain in prices. On the surface this is good news for Los Angeles, Ca homes for sale…but does this mean a solid recovery is on the horizon?

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