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Real Estate Investors – How to Find Motivated Sellers Using Three Powerful Words

Discover three powerful words that will attract motivated sellers to your real estate investment business in droves. We have talked about the many different forms of distributing marketing messages that will help you attract motivated sellers to your real estate investment business.

Real Estate Investments – Discover the Power of Using a First Rate Newspaper Ad

Discover how to create a first rate newspaper ad that will get motivated sellers to ring your phone and knock on your door. Here a few things to consider when creating a first rate newspaper ad well as the type of advertisement you should use.

Real Estate Investors – 5 Unique Marketing Methods For Finding Motivated Sellers

Finding motivated sellers is one of the best ways to find real estate property that is significant lower than the market value which means more profit from your investment. Here are some unique marketing methods you can use to find motivated sellers of real estate property.

Applying 80-20 Rule to Real Estate Marketing

According to NAR’s 2008 “Profile of Buyers” and how they find properties, it makes sense to market listings using the 80/20 rule. Read this article to find out what to spend time doing to effectively market listings.

How to Work Real Estate Internet Leads Without Going Crazy

So you’ve finally figured out a way to generate real estate leads through the internet? Congratulations, you’re rich! Except for one tiny little thing, of course: actually closing your leads and generating sales. Without a solid system, the only thing you’ll be generating is a lot of work and heartache… read on for easy ways to start working your leads, instead of letting them work you!

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – The Luxury of Time

Perhaps the greatest luxury of all is the luxury of time. So, take time out for just a moment and give yourself a break. Take a moment to reflect with us and appreciate the abundance of opportunity we all have, right now, as luxury real estate marketing professionals. Take the time to restore your equilibrium and regain a balanced perspective, by appreciating and savoring what is great about the world in which we live, today.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Basics

Real estate internet marketing is not always the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of things involved when it comes to marketing yourself. You have to build a network in order to do well in an industry that requires that you pick up your own clients.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Made Easy

Many agents have found real estate internet marketing as a great way to showcase their business. The internet has opened the world to a new persona that many people would not know existed without it. Presently there are millions of businesses that base their success off of the internet.

Real Estate Internet Marketing – Is it Really Necessary?

Are you one of those that feels real estate internet marketing isn’t necessary? if so, you would be completely wrong, any business in any industry needs to have an online presence. You know why, because it puts you at an advantage against competitors in the same industry who don’t have a web 2.0 and social media real estate marketing e-presence.

Helping The Buyer To “Move In”

When showing property to buyers, your job is to help clients imagine living in the home. The quicker you can get them to think about what it would be like to move into the house, the more quickly you’ll help move them to their decision.

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – What Are Your Quality Cues?

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, small things can make a big difference in terms of standing out from your competition. As an example, one of our clients, who is from Switzerland, uses special flat, rounded gold clasps instead of paper clips. These wafer-thin fasteners fold over the upper corner of papers that need to be held together. It is very elegant and impressive. Best of all they only cost a few cents each. Now, these particular fasteners can only be found in Europe. This then becomes one of many, many quality cues that distinguish her, in a nanosecond!

Would You Rather Be Told Or Be Shown?

For the last 5 years I’ve tried to involve customers in how I determine the answers, rather than just doing the homework myself and telling them my professional opinion. I’ve been doing this by using screen meetings. This is a meeting where you call me while you are at your PC and we talk on the phone while I let you see what I am doing on my PC screen.

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