DOJ Announces CRIMINAL Probe into RIGGED Stock Market!

Why The Buzz About Call Capture?

There is a buzz in the air about call capture. With a new spin on this old technology, mortgage brokers and real estate agents are able to work together like never before.

Real Estate Agents: Niche Marketing Versus Farming

Ask yourself this question: “Before you were in real estate sales, how many of those flyers, newsletters, recipe cards, and even calendars that you received from an real estate agent “farming” your household went straight into your wastebasket?” Studies indicate that return on direct mail advertising is somewhere below two percent. Wouldn’t it make more sense to direct all that time, energy, and money formerly spent on developing a geographic farm into building relationships or a niche with potential clients? Now ask yourself: “How many other agents in your community are also marketing to the same geographical farm that you do?”

How Does One Start a Career in Real Estate?

There are a number of ways. One of the most common is to attend a real estate career right at a local real estate office. Many real estate companies that are trying to expand offer these sessions once or twice a month. A second way is simply walk into a real estate office where you think you might want to work, and ask if they are hiring. In some areas, to get a license, you have to be sponsored. The trick is to find a sponsor.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: The Biggest Mistake Real Estate Agents Make And How You Can Avoid

This article describes the biggest mistake that real estate agents make. You will see how this mistake can constrict the flow of energy to business when it needs it the most. Then you’ll discover how to avoid this mistake and expand the flow of energy to your business by adopting a “prosperity” mindset.

Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Find the best ways to utilize online and offline techniques to advance your real estate marketing strategies, thus expanding your real estate business.

The Importance of Internet Marketing When Selling a Home

The article enumerates the importance of Internet marketing when selling a home in today’s market.

For Sale by Owner – Marketing Your House for Sale

You’ve decided that the house you are presently occupying no longer suits the needs of you and your family and, after careful deliberation, have opted to put it up for sale, the proceeds of which you will use to purchase a new unit. Since you’re now ready to sell, you must know how you can properly market the house in order to attract the attention of as much potential buyers as possible.

Mortgage Broker Training Article: The Truth About Realtor Marketing

This straight shooting training article that shows you the truth about why most loan officers don’t get business from realtors

Two Money Saving Real Estate Marketing Ideas

There is never a lack of people, magazines, publications or websites that are willing to “help” you market yourself to the public at large. One agent told me that being in business her first two years cost her $70,000. So how can you market your real estate business without it costing you a fortune?

Real Estate Marketing: Automating Your Own Real Estate Testimonial Generator

Use technology to automate the process of collecting and using testimonials in your real estate business.

Real Estate Marketing: Personal Realtor Marketing Systems Make Good Business Sense

Real Estate Marketing Letters can help you generate a steady stream of warm, responsive prospects – month after month; all interested in one thing – listing and selling their properties with you. Want to know more?

Real Estate Marketing; The Profitability Of Past Clients

The cost of acquiring new customers is escalating, no matter the industry; real estate, mortgage financing, land development, etc. On the other hand, marketing to past customers is less expensive and is at least as profitable

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