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The Open, Hook and Close – Sample Realtor Video Marketing Script Ideas

Realtors choosing to take the plunge and opt to have a high definition video created about them can struggle when trying to develop their agent marketing script. A promotional video is one tool that can help create an immediate impact on the visitor because it stimulates several senses at one time. The typical flat or static web site is skimmed quickly without much regard to the realtor trying to get their brand implanted into the memory of their audience. A marketing video changes things a bit since the realtor who is being touted in the video is becoming more known to the web visitor and more likely to be remembered when the time comes to sell their home.

Which Can of Coke Are You Selling?

There were once 3 cans of coke. Identical cans. And they were buddies at the factory line since they were produced one after another.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Market Your Real Estate Business

During these hard economic times, in order for your real estate business to get online visibility that may lead to sales you need to market it. But what if you have little or no extra capital to cover the marketing and advertising expenses?

How to Generate Motivated Seller Leads For Free

Did I say free? Yes, you heard me right.

You Have to Be a Farmer and Irrigate the Crops to Be a Good Realtor

Whether you are just starting out in real estate or are a seasoned veteran, it may help to advance your career by “farming”. Farming is a term used to describe a specified area, community or subdivision that an agent will specialize in. This area can be determined by an active or popular area or simply with geographic boundaries.

How to Write Real Estate Letters to Distressed Sellers

Home sellers in distress need a different prospecting letter than those who aren’t under pressure to sell. Your approach should be gentler, and should recognize that they do have choices other than listing the home.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – 7 Things You Need to Know to Double Your Income

Are you feeling confused about today’s market? Do you find yourself procrastinating or feeling scattered? Then here are some tips to get your business back on track and double your income.

The Open, Hook and Close – Anatomy of a Realtor Video Marketing Script

Real estate agents use various tools and techniques to market themselves to try and generate new business and get listings. Promotional Video is one tool that can help create a sense of rapport between a realtor and their prospective client when perusing your web site. Writing content for you marketing script can be a bit daunting, but can easily be broken down into various pieces to flow effortlessly off of the actors lips when he or she speaks about you and your capabilities.

Your Real Estate Website – Do You Make These Mistakes in Content?

Some real estate websites invite visitors to stay a while. Others chase visitors away with bland content or content that isn’t relevant to the niche clients the agent wants to attract.

Where to Find Arizona Housing Market Information

The Arizona housing market in the year 2009 experienced a rise of 16% when compared to the previous year. There has been a growth in the real estate sector in the capital city Phoenix. In 2010, Arizona Housing Department has issued 275 new house permits all over the state of Arizona. These statistics indicate that the Arizona’s housing market is growing day by day.

Why Listing Your House in the MLS is So Important

Getting your house seen by as many people as possible is vital to the success of selling your home. Without the help of the multiple listing service, your house can sit on the market much longer than others.

800 Call Capture – Meeting the Needs of Today’s Real Estate Consumer

As the housing market trends to the Internet, several things remain the same – the need for dedicated, intelligent agents and the benefit of 800 call capture numbers. At first, this may seem like a contradiction. If potential buyers can simply seek out a home online, why would they bother calling an 800 call capture number? Because despite the number of properties available for viewing on the web, home purchasing is never so simple, and clients never find all they need online. Find out how 800 call capture helps to meet those needs.

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