Fed Releases Taper Statement!!

How to Get Expired Sellers Chasing You

First, the moment it changes from being available for sale to “expired” every listing agent in the area is calling. Some agents want to beat their competition by calling as early as 5am. Imagine how happy that seller is to not only NOT have their home sold but to now be bothered at 5 o’clock in the morning!

Have You Forgotten How Important a Pre-Recorded 24-7 Message Can Be to Your Real Estate Marketing?

Real Estate marketing requires a sophisticated multi-part plan that funnels your best prospects to a specific goal. The funnel should incorporate online and offline techniques because you never know for sure how a target prospect will get to your property. Each part of your marketing program needs to be linked together in order to achieve the results you want. A critical “offline-online” technique that is an absolute must is the use of a 24/7 pre-recorded message.

Mortgage Trigger Leads – Aged Vs Fresh

A guide to mortgage trigger leads. What they are, where they come from and the different types.

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Selling real estate is all about emotions. You are talking to people about the largest single purchase they have ever made and are ever likely to make. In addition what they are buying is usually their very first home, their place of refuge from the rest of the world.

Advertising Your Holiday Cottage Or Villa Online – Top 5 Things to Think About

Are you thinking of advertising your holiday cottage or villa online? Read our top 5 things to think about.

How to Use a Real Estate Copywriter For Greater Success With Flyers

Want to add more sparkle and umph to your marketing materials? Enlist the help of a copywriter! Here are five ways a writer can help turn your real estate flyers into new sales:

Post Card Farming – Don’t Stop What Works

While the Internet is certainly taking over the way many agents market their businesses, some of the long standing, proven techniques still have their place. Now that you understand the importance of hiring a professional copywriter, you can leverage their expertise to create powerful postcards for marketing purposes. Postcards can be utilized to farm real estate leads within targeted zip codes, allowing agents to draw new potential customers on a year round basis, those customers that would likely not locate them otherwise.

7 Reasons Both Offline and Online Techniques Should Be Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Program

Marketing real estate can be tricky. You not only have to find your target prospects, but you have to get them educated about your property’s features and benefits. Then you have to get them excited enough to either be willing to make an offer to buy or rent your property in or around your asking price. Obtaining this result requires a full arsenal of marketing techniques and you can’t afford to rely on just one method. Blending offline marketing activities with online activities gives you the best chance to achieve the results.

Free Real Estate Marketing Can Work – When You Have the Right Plan

Discover how to effectively use free tools for your real estate marketing. With so many options available to real estate agents there are systems you can use for free to generate leads, just be careful not too waste your time! We reveal the methods and techniques to get your marketing done on the cheap and get results from it.

Using Call Capture to Optimize Real Estate Leads

Real estate call capture systems are gaining popularity among agencies looking for a competitive edge, and the new technology may provide a much-needed way to overcome home sale shortages imposed by the recent recession. It’s unique features help agents to optimize leads and convert sales.

Controlling the Public’s Thoughts About You – The Michael Bloomberg Way

“I am the best Realtor in town! Why can’t anyone figure it out?” (frustrated Charlotte Realtor) Michael Bloomberg, the current Mayor of New York City, came to fame as the founder of Bloomberg, LP. His company builds and maintains data terminals for members of the financial community who need access to real-time financial data. He built this from nothing to a $10B+ company in around 20 years.

What Should Your Realtor’s Marketing Plan Include?

There are a lot of marketing techniques your Realtor will use to help you sell your home. A Realtor will be able to show you a plan of action on how they plan to make your home sale go smoothly. Read this guide to find out what common marketing techniques you should expect from your Realtor.

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