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Short Sale Marketing Secrets Revealed to Bring You Calls Now

Uncover short sale marketing methods to generate leads daily. Discover 3 questions and 2 killer methods that will have you saving money, generating leads and taking listings weekly.

Do Open Houses Sell the Home You Have Listed?

When we list a home we agree to market that home and marketing includes referrals, open houses, advertising, flyers, signs, mailers, internet marketing, previews and what other great ideas we can think of. It is not just one thing that sells a home. It sometimes is a combination of many things to get a home sold. When sellers suggest we should incorporate open houses into our marketing plan to do a complete and thorough marketing of the property we need to fulfill their request

What Is a Flat Fee Listing Service?

One of the biggest benefits to having a Realtor list your property is having it on the Multiple Listings Service. However, if you are an investor selling the house with owner financing, you may not want to pay the Realtor 3% commission for this service. So how about hiring a Realtor to list your property on the MLS for a flat fee instead of a commission?

Should You List Your House With a Realtor?

Whether or not you should list your home with a Realtor depends on what your exit strategy is going to be. If you are selling conventionally, you should consider listing with a Realtor. If you are selling with owner financing, then using a Realtor may not make much sense.

Appreciation in Real Estate

Appreciation is a very subjective word. But what does that mean in Real Estate?

Sell Real Estate Easier With Real Estate Marketing

Successes of certain real estate businesses may be attributed to the reputation they have gained through the years they’ve taken on this endeavour. However, the biggest factor that would lead to this scenario is the right blend of marketing strategies. Real estate marketing has evolved over the years especially after the birth of internet. It seems that posters, billboards, TV commercials and other forms of traditional advertisements are not enough anymore. And here’s when online real estate marketing comes in.

Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing

According to the US Postal Service, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Now, imagine a piece of Real Estate Agent Direct Mail strategically delivered to one of those consumers, filled with information that addresses one of their immediate needs.

Excellent Nature With No Pollution Must Be The Aim

There are many developments happening across the globe. You might have witnessed the bad effects of the developments in your place and as a result now it is your duty to keep on checking for the very best ways by which you could move on with the developments without tampering the ecosystem. Considering this fact many organizations are up with many activities wherein certain rules and regulations have been drawn incorporation with the government.

How To Use Facebook To Promote Yourself As An Authority Figure In Real Estate Investing

Facebook is a very powerful website when used correctly. Being that it is the number 2 site in the world, it’s not hard to get someone to notice you. I’m going to show you how to use the power of Facebook to turn yourself into an authority figure in real estate

3 Short Sale Letter Tactics to Generate Calls Every Time a Letter Lands in a Mailbox

Discover 3 methods to put into action for your short sale letters. From the simplest of envelopes to your call to action, these 3 small changes will have eager prospects calling you for help daily. Dive in with methods to get your short sale letters generating calls today.

5 Steps to Creating A Total Short Sale Marketing Solution

How can you ensure that eager short sale prospects contact you daily? Sending a single letter won’t do it. Just having a website isn’t enough. Explore a 5 step short sale marketing solution that will have you dominating your market with more listings and sales.

Three Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make With Their Blogs

The sad truth is too many agents’ blogs simply suck. With blogging, your goal is to disseminate information, get people to read and comment, create an ongoing dialog, and also to help with Search Engine Optimization for your site. Unfortunately, many agents are failing on too many of these counts. Keep reading to see three of the top mistakes agents make with their blogs.

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