Hedge Funds are BAITING Reddit Traders | What you MUST Know

How to Sell Houses

Building at long and enduring list of clients by giving them a house portrait as a closing gift. People do business with people that they like.

Do You Really Own Your Real Estate Website?

Having someone set up your website and buy the domain in their own name is cheating you. If you didn’t pay for the domain, you are not the owner of your website.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent in a Down Market

Selling houses is a difficult job in bad real estate market. There are definite downsides, but a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant is an untapped position in high demand, with very little competition. Basically the virtual assistant helps a real estate professional (agent, wholesaler, investor, consultant) by providing research and internet based applications. Why is there a need for a real estate virtual assistant? In this highly technical information age, a lot of time should be spent marketing and researching on the computer. However real estate is also a business which requires time in the field, looking for properties, networking with people, and time spent by a computer takes away from needed interaction. That is why a lot of the tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant, especially to someone who has a genuine interest in the industry, can be beneficial to the professional and the assistant him/herself.

The New Year Is Right Around the Corner – Are You Ready for It?

Planning your real estate business doesn’t have to take 2 days at a conference. In 15 minutes you can plan out your year. The first 5 steps to having a successful year are outlined in this article. By completing these 5 steps you will be on your way to reaching your goals regardless of what you have done in the past.

ABC’s to Real Estate Marketing on the Internet

For years, broker previews and networking events have been the best way for local agent’s to share listings and make contacts. New studies show that this method is actually killing your marketing strategy!

The New Rules of Real Estate Marketing: Mastering Social Media and Video for the Real Estate Agents

Over the last couple of years, blogging, Google AdWords, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and all manner of social media marketing have been the hot topics of real estate marketing. The numbers and speed at which agents have jumped onto these emerging marketing tools has been truly amazing. Driven by the economic realities of a dramatically smaller number of homes selling each year, the low- or no-cost of social media, social media marketing and blogging have proven to be irresistible lures to agents. The problem is the success of those who first jumped on the trend is not being replicated by the mass number of agents as they try to play follow-the-leader. Today, agents need to take a deep breath and understand the new rules of real estate marketing.

5 Keys to a Real Estate Website That Generates Leads

A real estate website should be a source of daily business. Deciding which features a real estate website should have can take weeks or months to decide. In this article I reveal 5 keys that every real estate website should have.

Build Your Free Real Estate Leads System: Automate Your Prospecting And Be Done With It

Without leads, there is no way a realtor can survive very long. You could be the best real estate broker in the world, but if you don’t have clients, you are broke. Traditionally offline marketing can cost an arm and a leg.

Getting Started in Marketing a Real Estate Career – Your Website

New agents getting started in real estate often wonder what to do first – especially if they’ve spent their available funds taking classes, taking tests, and getting licensed. The bad news is that you do need to spend a little more.

4 Ways To Generate Listings Without Breaking The Bank

One of the most difficult tasks in real estate is finding the real estate marketing tasks that generate listings. These four tasks will generate listings for your real estate business that you can sell and generate future business. Each of the real estate marketing tasks can be done on a limited budget as well.

3 Ways To Get FSBO Listings Without Cold Calling

For sale by owner sellers want and need your help. Many have no idea who they should trust to sell their home. There are 3 ways to build trust with a FSBO seller without calling them. These 3 methods will have them calling you and demanding to use you to sell their home.

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