Here comes the Red Again. Stocks Fall.

Is Video an Effective, Cost-saving Property Marketing Tool?

Yes, yes… and yes again! Video has countless benefits, potential, cost and time saving advantages, not to mention how it can really give a property and the estate agent/seller an edge! Whether you’re a real estate agent, seller, buyer or developer, video can benefit you more than you probably realise.

Real Estate Letters – Get Your Business on Track Today

Want to know the number one way to get more listings? Mail real estate letters! No joke! Letter marketing campaigns are popular for a reason…they work!

How to Effectively Convert Real Estate Leads Using Call Capture

There’s an old adage in marketing: every call is an opportunity. That’s especially true with real estate call capture systems, as every call is from a potential home buyer. Call capture has the potential to generate a lot of sales leads, but more importantly, they create an opportunity to convert those leads into real sales.

Real Estate Agents – Get Listings the Old Fashioned Way

In this day and age of real estate blogs, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter, door-knocking seems antiquated, inefficient, and ineffective. I mean – Tom Hopkins wrote about that in the 1970’s!

Marketing With Realtor Websites and Blogs

You can substantially improve on your marketing efforts through the use of realtor websites and blogs. However, it is important to make sure that the design of your realtor websites and blogs is done scientifically by a professional company that employs proven strategies for landing page optimization, call to action ads, and search engine optimization (SEO) that are specifically geared towards real estate.

Strategies For Real Estate Leads Generation

Knowing several strategies for real estate leads generation is essential in today’s highly competitive market. The discovery of new prospects is a crucial activity for a real estate business because without them, sales will gradually decline. Sales agents often apply the usual techniques for prospecting, such as making cold calls, purchasing real estate leads, and asking for referrals.

Real Estate Agents – What Business Are You In?

Real estate agents are in the marketing business. Marketing is what generates leads. Without leads, you sell no homes, make no dreams come true (especially your own), and you’re soon out of business.

Tips on How to Close Real Estate Deals Without Ever Leaving Your Home

Could it be possible, that you are able to develop your Real Estate Empire without ever leaving your home? Well, of course it is. I will reveal a few of my Internet Marketing secrets that have worked for me.

Four Ways to Blend Offline and Online Techniques Into Your Real Estate Marketing For High Impact

Real estate investment can be a highly profitable activity. Inevitably the time will comes to either rent or sell the property and unexpected delays can reduce the return dramatically. Fixed payments such as property taxes, utilities and debt service come due monthly and you need to offset those with income from rent or sale proceeds in order to avoid serious cash flow problems. Mounting a well thought out Real Estate Marketing campaign is as important as deciding where to buy and how much to pay.

Real Estate Marketing With Videos – What Brokers SHOULD Be Doing

I’ve been a customer in the real estate market for many years, and have noticed that most real estate agents have marketing that simply sucks (I’m sorry to admit it). I’m sick and tired of seeing a dressed up agent in front of a home, with some Kool Aid smile, trying to get me to purchase a property. This marketing is over and done with, especially with the economy in the toilet. This leads me to the topic of this article: Marketing with Video Content. When looking for properties, I have always found that media-heavy listings attract my attention. I want to see photos, videos, floor plans, and anything else possible.

Finding New MLS Realty Listings

All it takes in finding new MLS realty listings might only involve a few clicks of the mouse. Multiple listing services, or MLS, are essential for the realty estate professional and for people who are buyers and sellers of properties. An MLS is basically a database that stores information regarding properties that are up for sale in a specific area. So whether it is a residential home, a condominium unit, a foreclosure, or any property at all that wants to be sold, an MLS realty listing has it.

Shake it Up With Your Marketing – Mortgage Broker Business Plan Necessities

Tons of people flocked to the mortgage broker business with visions of lavish lifestyles in their heads only to have the rug pulled out from them in the past twelve months. If you are still a mortgage broker, it’s time to shake it up with your marketing. This article will help you do that.

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