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Online Property Marketing – 5 Golden Rules

Are you not getting the results you want from your property website? The 5 Golden Rules will help you to get your online real estate marketing onto a sound and profitable foundation.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Be Interested, Not Interesting

Luxury real estate marketing is not just about selling homes it is all about building high trust relationships. Right up there at the top of the list of most important marketing skills is being interested, not interesting. It is the companion skill to being a good listener.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Your Personal Brand Signal

From a personal branding standpoint, success in luxury real estate marketing is all about striking the right cord with your target market. What signal are you sending out? Are you resonating with the buyers and sellers that you want to attract as clients? Is your personal brand easy to decipher for your target market?

Seven Essential Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips

Here are seven important luxury real estate marketing tips. Also, included are questions that can help you offer the luxury of time, the ultimate luxury, to your clients.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – How to Attract International Buyers Through Your Blog

The commission stakes are high for luxury real estate marketing professionals who develop an international clientele. Here are two sure-fire ways to attract global buyers through blogging.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Attracting Your Ideal Clients

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is vitally important to deliberately clarify and craft your marketing message so that you attract your ideal clientele. What your day would be like if you only were working with your ideal clients.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Think Strategically!

Thinking strategically, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, can make you feel great, help others and also generate business. When these components all align, that is as good as luxury gets!

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

Opportunities abound for luxury real estate marketing professionals to promote themselves within their communities without spending a dime. Spontaneous acts of kindness can go a long way to create good will and also earn big commissions.

There Are 2 UK Property Markets!

The illusion of a Buyers Market in the UK at the moment masks the real situation. At first glimpse, those outside of the Property industry would feel that it is open season on house prices. Rightmove is full to the gunnels! Search for available property in any town and you’ll be overloaded with potential purchases.

The Photo Often Sells the Home

It’s no mystery in the real estate business that first impressions count for a lot. That’s why the first impression a buyer gets of your home had better be a good one. And where do they first see it? Well, if they come for a viewing they’ll see the exterior of your home, but chances are good that they’re there because they’ve already seen it, or at least pictures of it on the internet.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Three Keys For Maintaining Your Focus

In the competitive arena of luxury real estate marketing it is easy to get distracted by your competition. Getting lost in all kinds of compare and contrast dialogues, internally or with others is an excuse to lose your focus. It becomes a form of self flagellation and a knee jerk reaction.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Stand Out by Creating Extraordinary Value For Your Client

All of the fundamentals skills and character traits of luxury real estate marketing professionals including negotiating skills, honesty, integrity, expert transaction engineering, and even local market knowledge are not enough to sharply differentiate one agent from the next. Yet, agents try again and again to use these in their slogans and advertisements to distinguish themselves. Creating extraordinary added value is the answer.

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