How to Market Your Home For Sale

As a seller you are interested in exposing your property to the largest number of ready, willing and able buyers as possible. Let’s explore the different media you have available to let the world know your baby is for sale (and by “baby” I mean your home).

Real Estate Self Promotion – How to Excel at a Scary Task

For many real estate agents, promoting listings is easy, but promoting themselves is not. In fact, real estate self-promotion can be downright scary. Here’s how to remove the fear.

Existing Housing is Up, New Housing is Up – What’s Up With the Real Estate Market?

Where is the housing market going? Existing housing is running over 5,000,000 units sold on a national basis. New homes are running at historic lows. What does all this mean if anything to the commercial real estate market and especially to multifamily housing?

How to Increase Your Home’s Value on a Limited Budget

If you are going to put your home on the market, it is only logical to want to get as good a price on it as you can. Here are some measures you can undertake, particularly if you do not have the budget to hire exorbitantly-salaried decorators and restorers. Keep in mind that this article is not about home staging. Rather, these are the more fundamental improvements that you undertake before home staging. Home staging can be considered the icing on the cake. The measures in this article are the batter.

Five Facebook Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

As more real estate agents get comfortable with Facebook, we’re seeing plenty of great examples of business-enhancing Facebook profiles. But as with any emerging marketing tool, there are also plenty of ways to veer off track and end up driving potential clients away.

Most Real Estate Agents Need a Real Estate Copywriter

For most real estate agents, writing marketing copy is not a do-it-yourself project. Most agents don’t love to write and so don’t do it well. Even those who do love it and can do it face time constraints. This is a job best delegated to a professional.

3 Sample Openings For Your Realtor Marketing Scripts

A marketing script is the written content you develop and submit to a video production company that will eventually be delivered by the professional actor. He or she will be articulate in their delivery and inflection when they read your words into the camera. This will allow your video resume to be professionally produced by others using your words and style.

Government Mortgage Help – PRP and HAMP Options Explained

As foreclosures have been breaking all historical records, U.S. Government has initiated programs to help struggling homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Many families are able to keep their homes with the help of government mortgage assistance.

Realtors Can Get a Ton of Real Estate Leads by Using the Free Report Marketing Technique

Give this a try. It’s easy to do, and has proven effective for many real estate agents in today’s market.

How to Get 5 Times More Real Estate Leads From Craigslist Than Most Realtors

Put quite simply, most real estate agents waste their time advertising on Craigslist because their ads lack a call to action. Let me explain what I mean. If a buyer looks at 100 houses, how many of those houses are they going to buy?

6 Powerful Ideas For New Realtors to Get Their First Closing

Talk to your friends and family, and everyone else you are possibly connected to in any way. Specifically ask them to help you find a client through a referral.

How Realtors Can Supercharge the Lead Generating Power of Their Business Cards With 1 Simple Change

You have a business card, right? Read about the one thing you probably overlooked when you had your cards designed.

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