I’m Challenging Larry Elder $1,000,000 for a Debate

Write Exciting House Ads When You Engage in Story Telling

Face it – the majority of real estate ads are about as exciting to read as a grocery list. They state a list of features and nothing else. Even the features are seldom described with any excitement or any attempt at painting word pictures.

How To Market & Promote Your Real Estate Business

Every real estate brokerage, mortgage company, interior design company, and real estate law firm wants to increase business, to drive up sales and revenues. They may try a variety of tactics, but the results often fall short of expectations. What to do? To attract new clients, one must be positioned as a leading expert.

Call Capture Benefits Agents and Consumers During a Recession

Although the dark days of the recent recession appear to be slowly lightening, businesses are still trying to keep costs down while maximizing profit. In the real estate market especially, the nature of the game has changed. Gone are the days of sub-prime lending, as consumers are far more skittish, either burned by the market itself or afraid they will be.

Real Estate Flyers Can Actually Increase Your Sales Price

Believe it or not, but your real estate flyer can actually increase your sales price. Admit it. Haven’t you bought something just because the packaging was awesome?

SEO For Real Estate – Label Today Socially, Brand Tomorrow

I am sure there are marketing gurus who will cringe at the title “Label Today Socially” – Brand Tomorrow.” And I am not attempting to rewrite the thought on branding. The title is to get you thinking as a real estate agent (or any business) that before you sell your services as a professional in your area, you have to sell your website.

The Outdoor Billboard Business – Common Landlord Mistakes to Avoid

There is a certain amount of trust that goes into a billboard ground lease. The landowner doesn’t really know you that well, and the amount you are offering is not that huge. In addition, there is the unwritten assumption that you will not do anything to displease them.

Billboard Construction – What to Do When Your Billboard is Damaged in a Storm

You can’t be in the billboard business and not have a storm-related accident at some point, unless you live in an area where the wind never exceeds about 30 mph. Many a time, in the middle of the night, I have headed out to look at my billboards after a really bad storm has blown through.

How You Can Diminish Costs and Amplify Potential Buyers Through Technology

In some form or another, everybody is being impacted with the constantly increasing cost of gas, especially real estate experts. No matter if it driving clients to properties or hosting open houses, real estate experts are very dependent on their vehicle. Fortunately with the assistance of some new technology, you can not only dramatically cut down on your transportation costs, but also increase your leads and commissions.

Be Careful With Your Referrals

If I were to target this subject to somebody in the real estate industry, it’s probably of benefit to new realtors coming in, but I think to anybody out there that professionally refers services, people, individuals, contacts to clients they may have. I think this is pretty important.

Get More Mileage From Your Signage

When this happened to me I thought that perhaps the weather had something to do with it or the misprint in the real estate paper. Then one day my associate decided to host an out of the blue open house without any previous advertising. Here is what we discovered.

Benefits of Getting Listed in a Real Estate Appraiser Directory

Marketing your appraisal services in a real estate appraiser directory can lead to new clients, numerous appraisal orders and an increase in income. Appraisers can concentrate on appraising real estate and let an appraiser directory market and advertise their services.

A “Unique” Home Marketing Plan?

This is going to be more of a rant than an observation, so if a critical look at the real estate industry annoys you, or does not interest you…then this post probably is not going to do anything for you. I’m getting a tad frustrated with Realtors describing their ‘marketing plan’ as a ‘unique’ plan.

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