Inflation Nightmare

Agent Marketing Minute: Email Signatures

Maximize your signature. Add a timely or seasonal message to your signature. Time to spring ahead, change your clocks on April 10th, Be extra alert it’s back to school. Add a testimonial from a client, Thank-you for all your help in the purchase of our new house, your experience and patience was invaluable. The Smiths, 123 Main Street, Anytown USA. Congratulate local sports teams on winning, go Wildcats on another winning the championship! Promote an upcoming non-profit benefit, Breast cancer walk on October 1st, if you want to donate or walk, contact me.

Loan Officer Marketing: Attract More Real Estate Agents With Questions

Do you feel like you are stuck with the same unproductive cold calling techniques? Do you feel like you waste time with agents that are not productive, and find it almost impossible to get into see productive ones?

Mortgage Marketing: Getting Those Closed Doors to Open With Real Estate Agents

Getting the cold shoulder from agents. Here is a tip to help you get your foot in the door.

Mortgage Broker Marketing: Face Your Fears and Anxiety Over Marketing Position

Want to stand out above your competition?

Marketing to Realtors: Create a Power Position in Your Marketing Efforts

When is the last time you had agents calling you begging to use your services? Maybe it is your marketing plan that needs adjustment.

Breakthrough Marketing Tips for Selling Houses

If you’re selling a home or investment house, you might need some extra help to generate a speedy, top-dollar sale. Here are three cutting edge home selling concepts to help you.

When A Real Estate Marketing Tool Is A Great Idea

Here’s why it’s so important to have a good real estate marketing tool. The right tool can help you generate leads sales and listings. The more listings you have the more sales you’ll make.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Is The Future, And The Future Is Now

One of the most effective ways to market real estate on the Internet is by offering real estate and mortgage related marketing reports in exchange for the recipients’ email addresses. Informational reports can make lasting impressions.

Real Estate Marketing On Steroids; Farming Expired Listings For Increased Profits

If you’re not farming expired listings you’re missing out on one of the best real estate marketing strategies going – and a major source of income. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but I’ve distilled it down to 4 major ones for the sake of brevity.

A Real Estate Marketing Script Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Need more business? Not getting enough listings! Are sales non-existent? About to throw in the towel and change careers – again? If so, stop! The answers to your problems could be a real estate marketing script.

Real Estate Marketing Idea; Farming Expired Listings

If you think there’s no good way to increase your listings and sales you need to think again. The best real estate marketing idea going may be farming expired listings. Here’s why!

Marketing Materials You Must Have to Sell Your Home

People have the attention span of a gnat, a fact that is true for homebuyers as well. To overcome this, you must have marketing materials to give them when they view your home.

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