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Call Capture Marketing – 4 Ways to Maximize Your Reach

Call capture technology has proven to be one of the most successful lead generation systems for the real estate and mortgage markets today. As more and more agents employ call capture as their primary method of lead generation, it is important that they recognize the true scope and effectiveness of this technology. Real estate agents can increase their reach simply by maximizing what they are already doing and allowing the system to work in all areas of their marketing strategy. Here are 4 ways to do just that.

IDX and SEO For Real Estate Websites

You can’t browse the Internet without running into the famous SEO information, services and more. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important that it should be at the forefront of the planning stages of website design. Sadly, SEO usually comes into play after the website has been designed and it’s discovered that the website is nowhere to be found.

Marketing to Seller’s Buyers – Target Market Number Two For Investors

Marketing online is a great resource for finding more buyers. Having an online presence will help buyers find you. After you’ve found sellers, your next target market is buyers.

Marketing to Sellers Online – Target Market Number One For Investors

Marketing online is a great resource for finding more sellers. Having an online presence will help sellers find you. The first target of your marketing efforts is sellers.

Networking With Other Agents

One of the most overlooked aspects of the real estate business is the importance of creating strong relationships with the other agents in our industry. These are the people with whom we toil day-to-day putting together deals.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Website

Before you decide on adding a real estate website as part of your marketing, consider the 5 key aspects that any site should have before it is worthy of your hard earned money. When you discover how a website should produce business for you monthly it will help you to decide who should help you have a powerful online presence.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Reputation Outperforms Google Ranking

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is even more important to be the Google of your marketplace (the first to come to mind) than it is to rank #1 on a Google search results page. The world famous restaurant, Lawry’s -The Prime Rib, in Beverly Hills, California, over 70 years old, exemplifies this essential principle of branding. You may not have been to one of Lawry’s restaurants (now with multiple locations around the world), but you may recognize the ubiquitous Lawry’s Seasoning Salt brand found in most markets in the US today.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – In Praise of Snail Mail!

A handwritten note to a prospective client expresses you care in a nanosecond. One of our clients welcomes his out of town buyers with a handwritten note placed in their hotel room along with a small box of chocolates from a local purveyor. Would you want to buy a home from anyone else? The initial conversation may have started by email, and he may have sent a text message alerting his client regarding a new listing.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Is it Worth it?

In staying up to date with the new theories of luxury marketing in the global economic downturn, it seems to us that there is a denial, among the purveyors of luxury goods and services, about how consumers are now viewing luxury. The same holds true, in many cases, with sellers of luxury real estate. As we read the various reports and the advice from industry pundits, we are struck by the level of delusion that continues to characterize the industry. Many home sellers are refusing to price their homes in line with current consumer demand.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Jumping Off the Internet and Jumping on Your High Horse

The mantra these days for luxury real estate marketing and real estate marketing in general is: focus your marketing on the internet. However, luxury real estate marketing professional should think about other venues of marketing. Your target market is not on the internet 24/7, and they do participate in all kinds of activities besides surfing the net. How about sponsoring a luxury event, in your marketplace? Here are two examples of event marketing. One is famous luxury brand that is thinking strategically in a time when retailers and luxury brands are cutting back their budgets. The other is a market leading luxury real estate professional who followed a hunch with event marketing that paid off very well, indeed.

Authenticity Vs Masquerade in Luxury Real Estate Personal Branding

Authenticity is perhaps the most important concept in personal branding for luxury real estate marketing professionals. Without authenticity, you live in a masquerade. What is at stake if you forgo authenticity? Quite simply, it is your own happiness.

Luxury Real Estate Branding – Leaving the Plastic Flamingo Flock Behind!

Imagination and creativity is one of the cornerstones of a successful luxury real estate marketing practice. Imitation and luxury really do not belong together. Too often we see luxury real estate professionals copying the branding or marketing strategies of their closest competitors and forgoing the competitive advantage of being original and authentic. It becomes a case of the hot pink plastic flamingo!

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