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Commercial Real Estate Agent Marketing – Tips to Test and Measure Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing commercial real estate for sale or for lease today, you as the agent need to test and measure the media channels and processes that you are using. Here are some tips to help you check the progress of your marketing efforts in your local property market and online.

High Standards in a Commercial Real Estate Agency Win More Listings

To win more listings in commercial real estate agency, you need to have high standards and good business systems as an agent. Here are some tips to help agents build better market share.

Why Designed Floor Plans and Perspective Drawings Help Homebuyers

Floor plans are an important tool for marketing and selling a home. Interested buyers will know what to expect and plan their lifestyles according to the floor plan. Floor plans also give realtors an edge.

Internet Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Commercial real estate marketing should involve a high degree of internet exposure and social media. Here are some tips to help agents market their listings and also themselves on the internet today.

How to Write an Ad That’s Appealing to Real Estate Investors

Writing an effective ad doesn’t require great talent. All you need to know is how to address and answer the needs of your target market and convey a message that is appealing to them. Real estate investors, for example, are businessmen who want to buy properties that they can profit from. With this in mind, you should be able to identify the key features of a property that investors can benefit from and bring out the message that the property is an investment opportunity that one mustn’t pass up.

Internet Marketing and Advertising Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

The internet has become a very valuable tool in marketing commercial real estate today. Here are some tips to help commercial real estate agents get more from their listings as they are marketed online.

How You Can Improve Your Cold Calling Systems and Results in Commercial Real Estate

Cold calling in commercial real estate is a special process that requires both system and skills. Here are some tips for commercial real estate agents to help make the call prospecting process more effective for them today.

Real Estate Investing For Beginners – Would You Like To Know More About Property Management?

There are plenty of ways to look for investment properties. You can find them through classified ads and online as well.

Become Real Estate Investor – Do You Want To Purchase Properties?

A lot of individuals make an effort to become real estate investors. And if you want a promising future and enjoy a continuous income…

Real Estate Marketing – Make Good Use of Your Business Card

Your business card is a tool. Use it as a tool to gain more clients by giving it out freely and often.

The New York Real Estate Market Trends for 2013

New York is one of the most dynamic cities in the world and the New York real estate market is no exception to this rule. After the huge plunge of 2008, the market has been on the road to recovery, but experts are still cautious about predicting growth.

Get Top Property Prices For Your Home With These Tips

When selling your home, be sure to do some enhancements that will attract potential buyers. Impress them by being passionate in explaining the details of your property.

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