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Your Personal Realtor Marketing System – Taking Your Business to New Levels

Does it ever feel like you are stuck? Like your business has hit the wall and you do not know how to get around it? Most of the time your Realtor marketing system consists of occasional cold calling, running a few ads and waiting for the phone to ring. While this may have worked well 15 years ago, the current real estate industry is very competitive and requires out of the box ideas.

The Top Three Realtor Marketing Tools That Will Catapult Your Business

Seems like things change in the world of marketing everyday. First, there was the internet, then email marketing, then personal website, then YouTube. Each day the internet improves upon what it is able to offer you for your marketing efforts.

Private Lending – How to Use Postcards and Letters to Get Private Lenders

So within the real estate investment marketing program you’ve got a small postcard and templates for a large postcard that has a second page. You can modify this to fit your needs. Obviously you’d go in there and put in your name and phone number.

Establishing A Lead Triad

When you evaluate a Champion Agent’s prospecting and lead generation, you will find these people have more than one lead generation source. Our objective is to establish a lead triad. A lead triad is at least three sources of business that generate leads that account for at least 15% to 20% each of your overall revenue or units.

Realtors – Take Care of Your Silent Partners – Your Yard Signs

Real estate signs and their condition say a lot about the agent. Make sure they say that you’re on top of the details and actively marketing your listings.

Real Estate Marketing Insiders Secret – More Prospects, More Sales!

If your marketing plan consists entirely of running the occasional newspaper ad, you’re in trouble. In a business that relies on reputation and long term marketing, you can’t afford to waste money on ‘one-shot’ advertising. You need advertising with real staying power, with a message that will reach people day after day, for weeks or even months.

Technology in Real Estate – How Much Should You Take Along on a Listing Appointment?

Real estate listing presentations can be helped or harmed by use of technology. Make sure you take what works, and leave behind any that will annoy your prospects or detract from your marketing message.

Real Estate Self-Promotion – Put a New Twist on a Tried and True Method

Some marketing methods work year after year – and work even better with a new twist added. Here’s how to make “just listed” cards do double duty.

Real Estate Investors – Using Law Journals and Senior Newspapers

Law journals are something that’s interesting. It’s a small way of doing it. You have to be very, very careful again on how you do law journals.

How to Attract Private Lenders Using Free Reports and Multiple Contacts

Learn how to use a free report to attract private lenders. Discover how many connections you will need before private lenders will consider investing with you.

Your Real Estate Marketing Solution

Before you consider any real estate marketing solution understand key factors that will make a huge difference in your success. Any real estate marketing program should match to your personality, give you tools to succeed, and be scalable to grow as your business grows. We invite you to consider what type of business you want and how you would like to reach them so you can find the best real estate marketing solution for you.

Private Lending – Use Flyers to Capture the Attention of Private Lenders

Discover how to effectively use flyers to capture the attention of private lenders. Learn about saturation and how to achieve a certain saturation point.

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