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6 Ways to Drive People to Your Rental Property

Driving people to your rental property isn’t always the easiest thing. Especially when you have to deal with rain and bad weather, other people’s schedules and appointments or worse, no-shows. This article discusses six unique ways to drive people to your rental property using the internet.

How Can I Find Clients and Prospects? Use an Effective List

It may seem obvious, but when you introduce yourself to a new market, the most important tool at your disposal is a list of your prospects. Without that list, there’s very little you can do. With that list, there is much you can do. You can make cold calls. You can send personalized e-mail messages.

5 Crucial Reasons For Having Your Own Real Estate Web Site

With gas prices on the rise and no end in sight as to how high prices could get, everyone is looking for ways to conserve. Using the Internet to find real estate or for that matter a real estate agent is becoming more and more popular each year. In fact the NAR says it’s up 4%, where 84% of buyers are looking online for their next home. That is what the NAR – 2007 survey on Agent Performance and Satisfaction states.

Know Your Market – Know Your Products – Build Your Marketing Plan

I don’t think anyone disputes that we are now in a different mortgage market. The economy is shaky, buyers are nervous, and many prospects are not qualified for a variety of reasons. This makes effectively qualifying and nurturing leads more important than ever.

Build Trust by Capturing Customers Researching a Purchase

Customers in the research phase of any type of purchase are venerable, and they know it. This is why the person that helps and adds value during that time build a powerful loyalty. Real Estate Brokers are famous for this technique. They help people buy their dream home, which is always scary. During those hours of marching from home to home they build trust when their clients are uncertain. Then when it comes time to get financing these clients go wherever that Realtor refers them.

Personalize It

It takes time and money to personalize marketing materials. Finding your niche through monthly Mailers CAN be a good reminder to your family and friends that you are a Realtor. You have to Stand Out and Personalize It!

The Great Head Shot Debate in Real Estate

Wherever that head shot is, it’s obvious to everyone that it’s there as a marketing piece. These days consumers are looking for good, solid information about real estate. So, give them what they are looking for, and don’t distract them with a personal image that they may or may not like.

The Creative Realtor – Becoming an Agent Who Writes

These outlines do not have to be elaborate – just a few central points under your main idea. This document will become the golden source for all your content. From here, you can begin to write your articles.

Generate Real Estate Leads With Your Fax Machine

Your fax machine can still be a valuable lead generation and selling tool. Though it may seem like yesterday’s technology, the ability to send and receive faxes can be very helpful to your real estate business. Keep reading for several fax advertising methods still used by many real estate agents today.

Expired Listing Marketing System – How to Build One

Expired listings are the hottest “cold lead” you can find. These people tried to sell their home, and the market unapologetically told them it didn’t want it, which creates a more motivated seller with a dose of realism. If you’re in a reasonably busy market, you could probably make a healthy living from just expired listing marketing alone.

Real Estate Leads – Build a Client Base Through Word-of-Mouth Referrals

The most powerful advertising and marketing tools you have at our disposal are word-of-mouth referrals. Unfortunately, they’re the hardest to control. You can do a great job for hundreds of clients, but how do you make sure those clients tell their friends? Keep reading to learn how to increase your personal referrals and start building more leads for your real estate business.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – The Top 10 Self Limiting Beliefs

Do you ever wonder what is holding you back? Here are the top 10 self limiting beliefs that stop most people from success.

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