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How Being Honest and Authentic About Your Brand Can Define Your Business

Perception can be a powerful thing. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we see ourselves as honest, while our employees see us as brutally honest. Sometimes we see ourselves as balanced and our peers see us as lazy. The hard truth is that the way we want to be seen is often incongruent with how we’re actually seen.

Open Relationships in Real Estate

Open relationships are the most fun for every on involved. So why are so many brokers afraid of them?

The Components of a Good Real Estate Sign

Posting advertising signs can be one of the most effective ways in marketing real estate properties. There are a lot of companies which offer sign installation services as well as designing or making layouts for real estate signs. However, it would still be best if you know for yourself what makes a good real estate sign.

Wholesaling Marketing: Alternatives To Direct Mail

If your direct mail efforts aren’t yielding the results you hoped for what alternative options are there for wholesaling marketing that might be more rewarding? Some real estate wholesalers (especially the newer ones) have been reporting that they haven’t been realizing the results they had hoped for from their direct mail efforts. Others are just recognizing that while they are getting leads, their ROI is far from something to brag about.

Time to Kick It Old School

Sometimes technology gets lost in the mix. Every now and then you have to go back to the start and do what your father’s broker did.

Alternative Marketing Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Really Work

You can use some alternative marketing strategies in promoting commercial property for sale or lease. Here are some ideas for brokers and agents to try out in their advertising and promotional campaigns.

Marketing Commercial Real Estate Is Not All Created Equally

Commercial Real Estate is lagging in the marketing department. It’s time to step the game up on marketing.

Wholesaling Marketing: Why Other Investors May Be Your Best Customers

Why might other real estate investors make the best prospects for property wholesalers? Despite the truly incredible market conditions we are currently experiencing some wholesalers are still finding their marketing a challenge. Flipping properties doesn’t have to be that hard if you’ve invested in your real estate education and have a system.

Wholesaling CEOs: How To Effectively Borrow Credibility

How can wholesaling CEOs effectively borrow credibility to get more attention, increase conversion power and flip more homes? The one thing that most real estate investors and wholesaling CEOs lack is credibility. This means that they and their marketing efforts don’t receive the attention that they deserve, conversion rates are low, and they can find that they are tempted to price themselves out of business.

Why the MLS Is Very Important?

Do you have a property that is overstaying in ad boards and other classified ads venues? You may be advertising the facts but you can be using the wrong tool. Real estate agents use MLS and this article gives you reasons why it is important.

How to Attract Buyers Browsing the Web – A Guide for Real Estate Marketers

No one can tell exactly how many webpages exist, or how many of them get created daily. However, we do know that nearly 3.5 million new domains were registered between 1995 and 2013.

Presenting Your Project With 3D Floor Plan and 3D Elevations

The article offers an overview about how important it is to give everything you have for a client’s presentation. The usage of 3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations and its advantages is emphasized in this article.

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