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Why Some Real Estate Marketing Falls Flat

Most real estate investors are knowledgeable about real estate. But the truth is that many of them need to learn a thing or two when it comes to marketing. Or maybe even more than a thing or two. After all, if you can’t generate a steady stream of leads, in the form of both buyers and sellers, you’ll never reach your potential as an investor.

Real Estate Investors – How to Find Lists For Mailing Postcards to Potential Sellers

Two Types of Lists Let’s talk about the list. The list is important. We’ve talked about two kinds of lists.

Real Estate Referrals Made Easy – Perfecting the Lost Art of the Pop In

Are you looking for more repeat and referral business? The “pop-in” is an easy way to strengthen relationships with past clients and members of your sphere of influence and turn them into “Raving Fans”. Build client loyalty through face to face “pop-in” contacts. Transform your past clients and friends into Raving fans through a unique and systematic follow up approach.

Recent Highs in the Real Estate Market

The housing market has grown considerable over the past few years. This article mainly talks about the recent vast growth that Telluride Real Estate properties have seen in the recent years.

How to Generate Mortgage Leads

Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective way to generate your own mortgage leads? Here’s a 3 step process.

Appraisal Management Companies List – Do I Need One?

Do I need an appraisal management companies list? Well, the question is “Are you getting enough appraisal work?” and “Are you considering other careers because the market is so slow?” You are not alone. Over 5,000 appraisers in California alone closed their doors this year due to lack of work.

The Importance of the Real Estate Agent in Marketing Your Home For Sale

When it comes to people trying to market their own home for sale, many times they run into difficulty of gaining the maximum exposure for themselves. Professional realtors are there just for this circumstance and for this reason many people hire them.

Making Agents Advertisement Simple

Old days of real estate advertisements for agents have been gone. Looking those times that agents made it through newspapers, sponsoring little league teams, and getting some spots on the school and church bulletin. But, now that traditional ways of advertisements for agents has changed. With the evolution of the technology, like now with the used of internet you can make your advertisements more simple, easy, and effective.

A Cheaper Way of Real Estate Marketing Online

I am referring to social network sites as an alternative to expensive way of online marketing campaign for your real estate business. Join and register to social network sites facebook in particular as the numbers of audiences are very huge that can help market your business.

Closing More Loans is About Differentiation!

(This article will change the way you think about your marketing). Welcome to part 1 of a 3 part mini-series. In today’s article, we are going to discuss every single reason top producing real estate agents are not giving you business. We are set to cover some ground breaking and career changing topics, so grab onto to something and hold on tight.

Redefining the Word Luxury

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is very important to tune into the new psycho graphic trends and changes that luxury consumers are exhibiting during current market conditions. Understanding the mindset of all-cash buyers, in particular is now an imperative. They are the ones who determine the purchase prices in today’s market. Aligning the thinking of your sellers with these viable prospects can significantly increase your volume of business.

Real Estate Marketing Plan – Selling to Two Targets

When looking at the marketing plan of a real estate brokerage business plan, funders want to see an understanding of how you will reach both of your key target groups: sellers and buyers. You need a strategy for both, and, if possible, these strategies should share as many elements as possible to keep marketing costs low.

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