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Residential Property Market in India

After the liberalization policies undertaken by the Indian government, several sectors of India opened up to global investors and prospered despite the international competition that came into the country. The real estate industry is one of the thriving and exciting industries in India currently. The prospects of the real estate industry in the coming years looks promising with lots of foreign players looking to invest heavily in the sector.

Marketing Strategy For Your House

Selling any product is not an easy task especially if you have never told people about it. You have to tell people what you are selling so that people can know what they can be able to buy from you. Marketing is crucial in any venture that on want to make a profit, these also directly apply to the people who engage in real estate.

Look at the Good Side of Real Estate Statistics

More than half of all U.S. consumers do have the income and credit scores to buy a home now. Focus your marketing efforts on showing them why now is a smart time to buy.

Shopping Centre Marketing and Trade Performance

Shopping centre trade is critical to the investment performance. Without the sales coming in the door, rents will fall and tenants will leave. This says that the landlord should adopt a real marketing strategy for the retail shopping centre. Check this out.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Are You a Salesperson or Are You a Service Person?

What do you focus on when dealing with clients? If you really want to be successful, focus on the service you’re giving to others, not the money.

Real Estate Letters: One Person Will Read Your Marketing Message, So Avoid Writing to a Crowd

How many times have you gotten a letter from a real estate agent that was addressed to “Dear Homeowner?” If you get many real estate letters, you’ve probably seen several like that.

Financial Reform Laws and Its Unintended Consequences – OUCH!

We now have the War and Peace version of the Dodd Frank law in affect. But how is this going to affect real estate business? Is it going to stimulate the real estate industry?

The New World of Real Estate Listing Marketing

Too many real estate professionals are still having trouble with embracing the new world of the Internet in marketing their listings. Print media is trying to hold on to their ad revenues, but there just isn’t any comparison when it comes to exposure and marketing punch… the Internet wins hands-down.

Direct Response Marketing in Real Estate – Don’t Fool Yourself

Many people fool themselves when it comes to their marketing. They base their decisions on the wrong things. If you do this you could be wasting time and money and working yourself right out of the business.

4 Ways To Market Profit From Short Sale Listings

Marketing for short sales can instantly increase your real estate business provided you know how to profit from the listing. Discover how to avoid the hassle of the short sale process and profit from this booming market with little to no budget.

Steps To Generate Real Estate Leads

Making a living in the real estate industry is not as easy as it use to be. Here are some steps you can take as a real estate agent that will help you market your services more effectively.

3 Real Estate Markets To Generate Leads In a Tough Economy

Discover how to market for real estate leads regardless of your marketing budget. For every dollar that you invest in real estate marketing discover how to get $7 back. There are markets right now in real estate that can be approached with no budget and without making a single cold call.

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