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10 Tips on Marketing Your Real Estate on Craigslist

Is marketing your real estate on Craigslist still worth it? With the recent updates, Craigslist has made a lot of restrictions. Find out how you can make your real estate marketing on Craigslist more effective.

Wholesaling Marketing: 6 Types Of Content To Use On Your Real Estate Blog

Real estate blogs continue to be one of the best wholesaling marketing tools available to investors. In fact, Social Media Today says that businesses that blog can realize up to 67% more leads. However, there can be a huge difference in the results and amounts of leads seen from this wholesaling marketing channel, often dependent on the content used.

2014 Wholesaling Marketing Trends To Watch

What trends are emerging for wholesaling marketing for real estate investors to watch in 2014? While many investors already have their wholesaling marketing plans laid out for the year, keeping an eye on trends can help make campaigns better and drive up responses and ROI. Many property investors are bullish on sticking with direct mail for their wholesaling marketing in 2014, and it will continue to serve many incredibly well.

Enjoy Enhanced Real Estate Leads With a Responsive Website Design

Real estate companies around the globe use websites to get leads and sales. Can they improve this implementing a responsive design? How can a responsive website increase leads and sales?

The 411 on Marketing Your Rental Condo

Renting out a condominium property is not a walk in the park. High rise condos are being built left and right and there are a number of rental units that have been sitting in the market for a long time, losing value every day. However, this does not mean that you can’t be a successful landlord. If you know how to market your rental property, you’ll find the experience rewarding and profitable. Experts in leasing out high rise condos weigh in on the best practices in marketing these urban properties. Here are five tips you can easily implement.

The Power of Follow-Up: Repetition As an Effective Marketing Strategy

Do you know what’s the most important marketing tool you’ll ever get to deliver? It’s the next collateral you intend to send. If you have no plans of sending follow-up marketing pieces, then the first piece you sent would ultimately lose its value.

Does Having A Wholesaling Website Guarantee Leads?

Will having a wholesaling website guarantee real estate leads and business for investors? Sadly, the answer is absolutely not. Investors planning on wholesaling houses or any properties for that matter will definitely find that having a website, and complete online presence has huge lead generation benefits.

Wholesaling Marketing: Honing In On Today’s Best Leads

What are the best ways to hone in on the most attractive distressed property leads today? What wholesaling marketing tactics should be focused on, and what are the best types of motivated sellers to connect with today anyway? Many media outlets and Realtors have been working hard to scare investors, especially wholesalers and new buyers by highlighting low housing inventory levels and REO pools, as well as fraud at real estate auctions.

Use Real Estate Articles To Boost Your Market Presence

It has always been true that getting your real estate business established, is doing a number of things to become known as a leading realtor in your area. Advertising and sending out letters are examples of ways to grow your business. There is another method you can try to boost your market presence and your real estate business. A way of becoming a real estate market expert in your area.

Why Are Pictures Important When Marketing A Home?

The internet has made the process of marketing a house very different than it used to be because now people can receive instant information at the click of a button. Most people today start their hunt for a house on the internet and even after they look at a house they will often go back and look at the online listed. So bottom line is what sells a house is pictures, at least that is the first thing people are going to look at.

Using Twitter For Wholesaling Properties

Is Twitter a good advertising medium for wholesaling properties? If so, what are the best ways to use it? What other alternatives might be even better for highly cost effective wholesaling marketing?

The Must-Use Advertising Methods for Your Rental Property

Do you have a rental property that has long been vacant? If yes, then you could be advertising insufficiently? For your property to be noticed by potential tenants, proper advertising is a key element.

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