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Real Estate Flyers – Use Them To Generate Leads, Listings and Sales

Real Estate Flyers can help you grow your business by generating more leads, listings and sales. While it’s not rocket science, you achieve best results with a clearly defined audience and great real estate flyer templates.

Home Staging: How to Make Your Home Stand Out

Saying goodbye to your home is sad, most especially if you’ve spent most of your life there. It’s like throwing away the memories and paving the way of forgetting them though not completely. However, this type of emotion may have to be ignored for the sake of a better living – thus, allowing yourself to open up to new opportunities and a new place you can call home.

Real Estate Marketing Copy Formatting

In preparing real estate marketing copy, one of the specific details to keep in mind is the type of marketing piece you are writing. Simplify the process by following seven easy steps to ensure you get the message to the reader in an effective way. The Real Estate Action Marketing 7-Step Copy System offers a reliable way to format any real estate marketing piece, so you can focus your efforts on creating effective content.

Real Estate Postcards Marketing: The Right Approach and A Competitive Edge

Real estate marketing can have many aspects and postcards marketing is an important part of it if used properly. The right approach can give the realtors a competitive edge over others.

Real Estate Postcards Marketing: Improving Your Postcard Layout

Real estate postcards have been around for decades and most home owners get these real estate postcards such as just listed postcards or just sold postcards on regular basis. However most of these real estate postcards don’t really deserve the title ‘Postcard’ because they don’t pass a simple visual test.

Real Estate Marketing and New Technologies Meet

The history of real estate marketing goes at least five decades back. For very long time, realtors’ best friend were newspapers. If you have been around the block a few times (as I have been), you remember page long ads especially on weekend editions but the times have changed and even the slow real estate market had to adjust itself.

Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency you need to market yourself every day. Whilst the issue sounds so obvious, many commercial real estate agents don’t do this. They let each day occur with minimal focus on marketing and growth.

The Future of Real Estate Wholesaling Marketing

What’s the future of wholesaling marketing for real estate investors? Mastering what is working right now is great. However, as clearly seen from recent corporate battles between Apple and Google and real estate companies throughout history it is those that embrace future trends and stay on the forefront of change that consistently race ahead and stay on top.

The Future of Wholesaling Marketing for Investors

What is the future of wholesaling marketing for real estate investors? Winning in business and real estate investing and staying in the lead is all about staying on the forefront of marketing and trends. So what’s ahead for wholesaling marketing and how can you use it to your advantage?

Technology – Where Has It Taken Us?

Changes in technology has influenced the real estate industry. This article captures some of those changes and what has remained from the old school business model.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites in India

Real Estate in India is in great demand as the population of India is increasing rapidly. There is a high demand for real estate especially for the residential sector. The commercial sector demand is lesser as compared to the residential sector. The rate of the residential sector is growing with each passing day and one can notice a property price fluctuation almost every day.

Is Door Knocking an Effective Form of Wholesaling Marketing in 2013?

Does door knocking still work for drumming up inventory for real estate wholesalers? The trend in door knocking to find deals and homeowners willing to sell has been on the rise recently. This is especially true among Realtors, with some real estate gurus pushing it hard.

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