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What Is the Future of Automated Sharing on Social Media?

Operating your startup over the internet can be a tough job when the rules of the game keeps changing. Depending on the conditions of the environment, you have to modify your tactics for maintaining the quality demands.

Why Real Estate Agent Should Handle Real Estate Sales

Selling or buying property is one of the things that most of us will find ourselves engaged in at some point in our life. When the opportunity to sell property comes, there are high hopes of making some good profits by property owners.

Using Humor in Real Estate Listing Descriptions

How much humor is acceptable in a real estate listing description? If you, the agent, are not sure that you can pull off a joke or two while still communicating sincerity, helpfulness, professionalism, and truthfulness, please don’t try. But if you are confident in doing all that, humor might be a way to stand out and get more clicks on your real estate listing descriptions. More clicks means more showings. More showings means you’ll find your buyer sooner rather than later.

How Real Estate Agents Can Extend the Life of Their Postcard Mailings

This article reviews recent postcard mailings from local real estate agents and offers the point of view that they should be part of a larger lead generation campaign. The same is true for other service providers where the number of potential new customers is relatively few at any point in time.

Digital Marketing – A Fantastic Way To Boost Real Estate Sales

It is very important to do all the promotional activities from conversion perspective. There is no meaning of any campaign if it doesn’t have any call to action. You have to tell your audience, what they are supposed to do after watching any video or campaign.

How to Be an Appraiser and Acquire Unlimited Appraiser Jobs

The real estate world keeps developing every day. We regularly see new building and estates crop up. Along with the boom in real estate, prices are also going up and every individual wants to get his property valued. This boom has brought great opportunities for real estate appraisers. Make a long term goal and avail this opportunity. Learn How to be an appraiser.

Can Your Real Estate Marketing System Compete With This?

Well, are you on Facebook? How many Instagram followers do you have? Have you tweeted in the last 48 hours?

How to Brand Yourself in Real Estate – Simply Explained!

Things can’t get simpler than learning your ABCs. So to explain how to brand yourself in real estate, let’s use ABC. A is for ask.

2 Good Things and 2 Very Bad Things About Marketing Yourself in Real Estate

You have an owner that wants to sell their home. However, there are few things that the owner needs to do to spruce up the place to get it ready to sell. There are carpets to clean, walls to be painted, and lawn care to enhance the home’s curb appeal.

Best Marketing Ideas in Residential Real Estate

If you are just getting started in real estate, you might need some ideas on how to get started with marketing. Conversely, you might have been in the business for a while and you have noticed your business has stagnated, so you are looking for a jump-start. Read on to learn some of the best marketing ideas that you can start using right away.

Six Tenancy Issues Almost Every Tenant Faces

If you seek an accommodation for rent, you will most probably encounter many landlords having an unfriendly attitude towards prospective tenants. The article explains six of the most common tenancy issues faced by almost all the tenants.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Repsonse Rates

Starting wholesalers are often overwhelmed by the task of crafting an impact-full real estate marketing letter. Lacking experience, it is difficult to guess the impact the various content items might have on lead conversion. Avoid the guesswork and these costly mistakes by implementing the 5 key principles explored in this article.

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