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Marketing Advice: 5 Questions That Help You Succeed in Your Real Estate Business

There are many marketing advice that offers to give you answers, but not all of it are proven effective. Knowing the answers to the key questions are still the best way to help real estate agents meet their goals.

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Mobile marketing is changing the way real estate professionals interact with clients. In every business industry, smartphones are creating new and cost-effective ways to network, close sales and stay in touch. If you are still using email to communicate and advertise, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Commercial Property Agents – The Importance of Ratios in Cold Call Prospecting

In commercial real estate prospecting, the cold calling process can be significantly strengthened when you track your ratios and call numbers. Conversions of calls to meetings can be greatly enhanced through self-improvement, practice, and self awareness. That is how the ratios will help your progress.

Newsletter Delivery – Why Paper’s Dead Wood

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch but should they be mailed or emailed? There’s absolutely no question. Email is hands down the best way to keep in touch with your prospects.

Commercial Agents – 5 Keys to a Top Sales Pitch and Presentation

When it comes to marketing yourself and your agency to sell or lease a commercial property, the sales pitch and presentation process is critically important. Here are some ideas to help real estate agents achieve the best results in their presentations with prospects and new clients.

Commercial Agents – Getting Your Proposal Message Across to the Client

The listing presentation and proposal process that you make as a commercial real estate agent should be finely tuned so that you can win more listings. Here are some tips for connecting with the client as part of submitting a proposal and explaining your marketing strategies.

Commercial Agents and Sales Executives – 4 Key Questions to Ask Your Clients in Pitching

As an agent, your commercial or retail property sales presentation or pitch will be strengthened when you focus on these 4 simple questions. You can build better client connections with these 4 questions.

Commercial Agents – Build Your Commercial Property Business on Cold Call Prospecting

When it comes to a commercial or retail property agent building their business, the fastest way to do so is through cold call prospecting. You can build a better market share and find more quality listings by cold calling than in any other method. Here are some tips for commercial and retail property agents to try as they prospect for new business today.

Tax Deed Sales: The Crucial Steps

This article discusses the crucial points to consider when purchasing tax deeds or tax certificates. It serves as a guide for those who wish to be informed of the basic principles of tax deed sale.

Are Single Property Websites Worth the Effort and Expense?

More and more realtors are using single property websites. This article goes through the reasons these types of websites may well be worth it for realtors to set up for their listings and clients.

7 Survival Tips for Affiliate Marketing

If you are gearing towards a profitable affiliate marketing campaign you need to know how to survive this seemingly demanding yet promising venture to do online. You need to avoid the common pitfalls that affiliate marketers failed to overcome with the help of these 7 survival tips for affiliate marketing: 1. Find reputable products to promote.

Is Facebook Marketing Still Profitable for Real Estate Investors?

With Facebook stock still tumbling since its IPO is marketing on the social giant still worth while for real estate investors? In its second week since going public the value of the world’s largest social network continued to crash, falling almost 10% yesterday and over $35 billion in value in the last couple weeks. Announcement of a new acquisition of Face.

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